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The ☆Rukuud (☆ルクード Rukūdo) blade is a special Sword that hails exclusively from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. The personal weapon of Rentzen, the sword inflicts effective damage against monster units and reduces all damage that its wielder sustains from magic-based attacks by a fixed 7 points. In addition to this, the sword also possesses the highest Critical Rate out of all other blades in TearRing Saga.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Rukuud Icon☆Rukuud

TS Sword Sword

WLv WHp Power Hit Crt Rng Wt Worth
15 50 15 65% 80% 1 7 -

Effective against monsters; less damage from all magic-based attacks.

Item LocationEdit

Method Location
Event M26 - Defeat Rentzenheimer with either Vega or Julia; The sword will thereafter be claimed by him/her as a loot drop.

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