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2nd-Tier Classes (or Promoted Classes) are a rank of Classes between the 1st Tier Classes and the 3rd Tier. They tend to be the highest Class rank available to playable characters, except in Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Characters can either attain a 2nd-Tier class by promoting to it or, in some cases, by starting off as one. A common misconception about characters who start off as a 2nd-Tier class is that they used to be a 1st-Tier class; this is mainly due to all the rest of a person's characters of that class having had to promote to it. Often this misconception is used to denigrate bad characters with 2nd-Tier saying that they're only bad because they promoted too early, when in fact they didn't promote at all; they're bad because they're bad, not because of imagined past events.

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