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“Avatar's love for the Nohrian siblings prevails, and a path is chosen. They return to the castle to tell King Garon what took place.”
—Opening Narration

A Dragon's Decree (聞こえざる啓示, A Forced Revelation in the Japanese version) is Chapter 7 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.


A script for the chapter can be found here


There are 16 Faceless, 6 located west of the map, 5 at the top left, and 5 and the bottom left. At the start of turn 2, Elise and Silas will arrive, while Arthur and Effie will arrive at the start of turn 3.

Defeat all 16 Faceless to complete the chapter.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This chapter is relatively straightforward, but can prove difficult if done wrong. On Normal, none of the Faceless will be carrying anything. On Hard, all of the Faceless get Poison Strike, while on Lunatic, this gets replaced with Grisly Wound. Some of the Faceless may carry both, and the ones in pairs have Seal Speed. The boss on Lunatic mode will have Savage Blow and Wary Fighter, in addition to the Grisly Wound all of the Faceless have.

The player is only allowed two units, the Avatar and their servant character being the two most likely for the player to have at this point since it should be impossible for the player to be able to afford bonus units. The player should focus on taking advantage of the servant characters personal skill and Demoiselle/Gentilhomme to let the Avatar take down the Faceless in hopefully one round used to lure the faceless in. On turn 3, Silas and Elise will appear, providing extra firepower and healing services to the player. One turn later, Arthur and Effie will appear to provide even more power.

The player may have the easiest time on this map taking advantage of the pseudo-choke points on the map, with the easiest one to obtain being the one that the boss is located in due to lack of enemy units on that path and even the ones that are there moving in on the player early on. Once the chokepoint is secure, taking advantage of the servant character and Elises personal skills and Effie/Dragonstone or Nohrian Blade Avatar's bulkiness will let the rest of the Faceless on the map walk into a death trap.

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