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“It's my friend, sir. I fear she's walking into a terible trap! That scoundrel Cassius would never fight an honest duel. My husband took a similar stand against his tyranny not long ago. The brute took a girl hostage and then cut my husband down as he lowered his weapon! *Sniff* I can't let her suffer the same fate...”
—Maiden to Chrom

A Duel Disgraced (Stained Duel in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 8 of Fire Emblem Awakening and is Kjelle's paralogue.

Paralogue InformationEdit

This paralogue will be unlocked once Sully has achieved an S-Support with someone and Chapter 13 has been completed.


Enemy units are Level 19. Enemies of these classes will spawn every other turn from the staircases. Enemies possess Steel and higher weapons.




Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Because of the large number of Mages and Archers among the enemies, you may not want to bring Knights and Aerial Units or, at least, leave them exposed. A thief is recommended to unlock the door separating Chrom's army from Kjelle and to unlock the chests in the map.

Chrom or Sully should charge straight for the door at the top of the area, preferably equipped with ranged weapons as well as a few extra units to clear off any stray enemies or to protect Kjelle from Archers once they approach her. They will likely be attacked by the enemy carrying the Door Key, which you can use to get to Kjelle if a thief is not brought onto the map. After Kjelle has been recruited you can either take down Cassius as soon as possible or you can take out the enemy reinforcements if you wish to grind levels.

Cassius is not much trouble to take down with a well trained army, but it is best not to engage him with Kjelle due to her likely low resistance. He will stay in the top left corner of the map so you can swarm him if necessary, especially on higher difficulties. Defeating him will end the chapter and Kjelle will unlock her C-Supports with Sully, her father, and Lucina or Morgan if they are her sister.


Recruiting KjelleEdit

Recruited by SullyEdit

  • Sully: "Hey. You got a second?"
  • Kjelle: "Ahh!"
  • Sully: "What? I got something on my face?"
  • Kjelle: "N-no, you just...remind me of someone. Forgive me. I have no time to talk."
  • Sully: "Don't worry. It won't take long. So listen. These lowlifes have no honour. You know that, right? If you meet 'em head-on, you'll just end up with a sword in your back."
  • Kjelle: "Head-on is how I live."
  • Sully: "...Ooh, I like you. And that's all the more reason I can't let you charge off on your own."
  • Kjelle: "Do not try to stop me!"
  • Sully: "I'm not stopping you. I'm coming with you. You just focus on finishing your duel, and I'll kill any idiot who gets in the way."
  • Kjelle: "R-right!"

Recruited by ChromEdit

  • Chrom: "Excuse me—"
  • Kjelle: "Wha—?! Die, fiend! Y-you parried my spear. ...How did you do that?"
  • Chrom: I get a lot of practice. Now can you please stop trying to skewer me for a second? We're not your enemies. A friend sent us to help you. There are too many for you to fight alone, no matter your skill. We'll take care of the rabble while you fight your duel.
  • Kjelle: You would do this for a stranger?
  • Chrom: Is that a problem?
  • Kjelle: N-no, of course not. Thank you.

Recruited by Chrom (Father)Edit

  • Chrom: "Excuse me—"
  • Kjelle: "Wha—?! Die, fiend! Y-you parried my spear. But how did you... Wait. Do I know you? I feel as if we've met, but... No, that's impossible."
  • Chrom: "I hate to interrupt your musing, but could you perhaps lower your spear? We've been sent here to help you. They are too many for you to fight alone. We'll take care of the rabble while you fight your duel."
  • Kjelle: "You would do this for a stranger?"
  • Chrom: "Is that a problem?"
  • Kjelle: "N-no, of course not. Thank you."

Battle ConversationsEdit

Kjelle vs. CassiusEdit

  • Kjelle: If you believe in gods, you'd better pray to them now!
  • Cassius: My, my. Aren't we confident?
  • Kjelle: I don't fear you, coward!
  • Cassius: Aye, I suppose not. Most fools assume that liars and sneaks like me are weak. They want us to be weak, see? They NEED it. It lets them hold on to the fantasy that right prevails in the end. Heh... They can think what they want. A cocky fool is an easy target. Truth is, in the end, it's the clever ones who always survive.
  • Kjelle: A man who takes hostages in order to win a duel has no claim to cleverness. Even an animal would not stoop so low! But enough. I've no more words to waste on the likes of you. My master will have vengeance!
  • Cassius: Wrong, girl. Your master will have COMPANY!


  • Cassius: Most people think a man who fights dirty is too weak to win otherwise. Heh heh... Suits me just fine. A cocky fool is an easy target!

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