Xenologue 12: A Gift from AnnaEdit

  • Anna: Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I've got a very special item for you today. A free one, I know—I'm a giver. Even better, you get to pick which one you want. Over here I've got the Witch's Mark, from our Witches' Trial map... And there's the Sighting Lens, from our Ballistician Blitz map. So! What'll it be? No takesy-backsies!

(The player selects one of the items)

  • Anna: Ooh! Good choice. You got taste, kid. Oh, and if you ever want more, just head over and complete one of those maps! Buh-bye now! I look forward to your continued money—er, business!

(Note: If played again, a message indicating "You already have this item." will appear instead of the cutscene)

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