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A Hard Miracle
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units AllowedChrom +14
Units GainedEmmeryn (End of chapter, if she survived this chapter)

“The Grimleal have kidnapped villagers to offer up as sacrifices to Grima, the Fell Dragon. En route, Chrom and his allies are reunited with Chrom's sister Emmeryn, whom Chrom had thought dead. However, she is no longer the sister Chrom remembers...”
—Opening Narration

A Hard Miracle (The Happy Girl in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 20 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. This Paralogue is only available via SpotPass.


The script for this chapter can be found here.

Paralogue InformationEdit

At the beginning of this map, Emmeryn will be far away from Chrom's army. If they are not fast enough, Emmeryn will be killed by the Grimleal. There are two objectives to this map: Defeat the commander of the enemy forces, Ardri and to protect Emmeryn if you wish to recruit her. If Emmeryn survives the chapter, she will join the army. If Emmeryn dies in this chapter, it will not trigger a Game Over.


With Emmeryn across the map, you will need to rescue her as soon as possible if you want to recruit her. It is best to use a Rescue staff to quickly bring her to your ranks. Unfortunately, numerous Dark Fliers are near so you will need to eliminate these enemies as soon as possible or wall off Emmeryn from these forces. Once they have been dealt with, you can send a small force out to defeat Ardri as soon as possible, but Emmeryn will need a few units to stick near her so she will not get ambushed by the enemy. Alternatively you can forcibly warp Emmeryn using a Rescue staff. If you did not bring one onto this map, the village in the west will provide one if someone visits it. It is possible to use a Dark Mage/Sorcerer to quickly snipe Ardri using Mire, ending the chapter, however this strategy is less viable on higher difficulties.


  • For some reason, the Grimleal in this chapter, including Ardri, use the Risen voice clips during gameplay.This is possibly because they were planned to be Risen during development.

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