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“The group heads out to visit Leo's son, Forrest. However, Leo seems to be dragging his feet. When the group is attacked by bandits, they learn why Leo was acting that way.”
—Opening narration

Abducted (囚われの王子, Imprisoned Prince in the Japanese Version) is Paralogue 16 in Fire Emblem Fates.

This paralogue will be unlocked once Leo has achieved an S-Support with someone.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This paralouge is rather simple to complete, as you need to rout every enemy off the map.

Forrest is locked in a room at the top of the map, and to recruit him, must survive the battle. Even though no enemies can attack him, a Fighter/Berserker reinforcement will appear as soon as the battle begins and will make a beeline towards Forrest and will be guaranteed to kill him if he reaches him. Leo will warn you that the enemy will appear to kill him once the enemies are alerted to your presence, and advises to get as close as possible to Forrest before initiating battle. On the left side, there are two sets of breakable walls that can be used to breach the building. Note that both of the walls are in the presence of enemy soldiers either in or outside, so ensure you have units at hand to provide a wall upon breaching.

All of the enemies are initially tolerant, however, once a unit enters their attack range or are attacked by the player, they will start attacking. The Fighter/Berserker reinforcement will also appear and make a beeline towards him. There are several doors blocking the way, which can be opened via Locktouch or looting off several enemies who have Door Keys on them. Rescue staves cannot be used to pull Forrest out of harm's way. However, you can Freeze or Entrap the Berserker, which will most likely hit due to their poor luck/resistance. The Berserker will approach Forrest's cell in 6-9 turns, due to the forest outside which lowers his movement when he passes over them.

Be wary that there are plenty of enemies in the building; notably there are Berserkers, Sorcerers, Generals and Heros inside. Outside, there are four Paladins; two outside Forrest's cell on both the left and right. On harder difficulties, many of the Berserkers (those carrying one weapon) will have Certain Blow, which makes them relatively dangerous to deal with. Several Heros will also have Darting Blow, all of the Generals will have Wary Fighter and all of the Paladins will have Trample on higher difficulties.

Gazak can be found on a throne tile in the building. On Hard and Lunatic Modes, capturing him is advised (unless you have him in your logbook from previous playthroughs or from the DLC Museum Melee), since he will come with Certain Blow, Pavise and Good Fortune. His axe rank will also be at A/S respectively, resulting in very little grinding and makes him a solid endgame unit.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • Once the fight engages, several reinforcements will appear (if playing in lower chapters, substitute the promoted units into their nonpromoted forms):
    • 2 Generals and Heros will appear from the stairway in the north central area of the building.
    • 4 Sorcerers will appear from the stairway near Gazak.
    • A Berserker will appear from the stairway at the southeastern area of the building.


Chest ItemsEdit

  • 5000 Gold

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