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Accuracy is an inbattle statistic from the majority of the Fire Emblem series. It represents the chance a character has of striking the opposing opponent in an attack.

Accuracy is generally determined by subtracting the defending character's total Evade from the attacking character's total Hit Rate, however it may be influenced by some Skills.

Accuracy in the Game Boy Advance Fire EmblemsEdit

In the Fire Emblems on the Game Boy Advance, the given value of Accuracy is not a true representation of the chance a character has to hit. This is because it rolls two random numbers and takes the average value for the Accuracy check instead of only one.

To explain how this effects it, say we have a pen & paper Fire Emblem game which uses a four-sided die. Now say we have an attack with 25 Accuracy, so, we need to roll a one on the die. Only one of the sides has one out of the four sides, so this is a one in four or 25% chance, or the same as the Accuracy.

But if were to roll two four-sided dice and take the average? The only combination of dice which gives an average of one is if they both roll one. If, say, one die rolls one and the other rolls two, the average will be one point five which is too high. So we still only have one combination which will allow the attack to hit, but as there are two dice this time, there are sixteen combinations possible, which means the chance of hitting is actually one in sixteen, or 6.25%, when it's supposed to be 25% according the Accuracy.

The GBA Fire Emblems use dice with 65536 sides, but the principle remains the same.

Here is some sample given Accuracy values compared with the actual accuracy.

Accuracy - Actual Accuracy
0%        0%
10%        2%
20%        8%
30%        18%
40%        32%
50%        50%
60%        68%
70%        82%
80%        92%
90%        98%
100        100

Fire Emblem: The Genealogy of the Holy War, on the other hand, uses only a single roll for its accuracy, so the accuracies listed in that game are accurate.

It is currently unknown whether any of the other Fire Emblem games, or any of the Tear Ring Saga games, have misleading Accuracy in the same vein as the GBA Fire Emblems

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