Adrah (アドラ, Adora) is the founder of the Kingdom of Archanea. Originally he was a thief who stole the Shield of Seals from the Fane of Raman, took the gemstones off it and sold them, unknowingly weakening it. Using the funds gained from selling the orbs, Adrah raised an army and used it as well as three stolen weapons, the lance Gradivus, the sword Mercurius, and the bow Parthia, to conquer the world and found the kingdom of Archanea. Since the shield had given him such good fortune, he made it the emblem of the royal family and it was renamed the Fire Emblem. Adrah's actions may be the reason that the Fire Emblem became cursed.

In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Adrah is briefly mentioned in the opening narration for Chapter 12.

Adrah's secret past was discussed by Gotoh in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, but the reference was removed in the remake.

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