Advance Wars is another turn-based strategy game created by Intelligent Systems, the creators of Fire Emblem. It follows gameplay mechanics similar to Fire Emblem, but with a few key differences. It is considered to be the modern/futuristic equivalent to Fire Emblem, using tanks, ships and aircraft as opposed to swords and sorcery.

Notable differences from Fire EmblemEdit

The main difference between Advance Wars and the Fire Emblem series is the basis of the gameplay. The games also include several other notable differences in gameplay:

  • Characters featured in the main story hardly ever appear on the field.
  • Usable units are nameless, generic soldiers.
  • Units are more expendable; however, there is a 50 unit cap but it is impractical to do so.
  • Each unit of the same class is usually identical to any other of that class depending on the Commanding Officer (CO).
  • Units cannot gain experience, level up and promote.
  • The amount of Hit Points of a unit affects its ability to attack and counterattack.
  • Ranged units cannot move and attack in one turn.
  • Units cannot usually heal each other or themselves, although they can be placed on buildings to recover. Two units of the same type can also be combined to form a single unit with more hit points.
  • The CO Powers is an ability which effects most, if not all units on the map. These can range from buffing controlled units to instantly damaging other units. The effect depends on the CO.
  • Units cannot inflict or receive any status conditions.
  • There are no houses or villages to visit, although properties must be captured to secure steady income.
  • It is impossible for an attack to miss. Although attacks can do 0 damage.
  • There are no critical hits. More powerful attacks, however, can occur due to the CO's strengths and weaknesses.
  • There are no weapons or items. Instead, each unit has fixed usable weapons.


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