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Anna FE13 Artwork

Anna as she appears in Awakening.
First SeenChapter 11: Knorda Market (Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi)
Chapter 7: Passing the Desert (Genealogy of the Holy War)
Chapter 16x: The Port of Badon (Rekka no Ken)
Opening (Shin Monshō no Nazo)
Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller (Awakening)
Starting ClassPegasus Knight (Path of Radiance, tutorial mode only)
Trickster/Merchant (Awakening)
Outlaw (Fates)

“Careful, love. Prices aren't the only things I can cut in half!”
—Anna in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Anna (アンナ, Anna) is a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series; she appears in every game in the Fire Emblem series usually as a merchant, except for Fire Emblem Gaiden, which does not use shops. She appears as a red haired female and is rarely seen without her trademark pose (of her resting her pointer finger on her face) or her sly smile. Anna appears to be able to travel between the worlds of each title; Fire Emblem: Awakening reveals there are a multitude of Annas, one managing the Outrealm Gate and another a recruitable Trickster.

She is voiced by Saori Seto in the Japanese version and by Karen Strassman in the English version.


Anna is traditionally a non-playable character who appears throughout various Fire Emblem games as a guide, cameo, prompt for suspending map data, or merchant in one of the Secret Shops. In the GBA games she also appears in the Link Arena and also in the prompt before game data is erased. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, she hosts the in-game tutorial and is depicted as a Pegasus Knight, although she never attacks. This is the first time she appears as a unit. She also appears in the beginning of Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~, guiding the player in the creation of the Avatar.

Anna appears in dialogue as a NPC in Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, its remake Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Shin Monshō no Nazo, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. In most of these games, she appears to have a close relationship with another recurring character, Jake.


For the first time in the series, Anna is playable, joining as a Trickster in Paralogue 4. Curiously, Awakening reveals that there can be more than one Anna. Anna appears in both Paralogue 2 as a Merchant and Paralogue 4 as a recruitable Trickster, but if the player plays Paralogue 2 after 4, Anna will still appear in Paralogue 2. At the end of the chapter, Anna explains that the other Anna is one of her many sisters, all of which look uncannily the same. The existence of multiple Annas also explains the variety of jobs run by Anna in the same game, including acting as an Outrealm guide and a traveling merchant. As a merchant, she is friendly and polite, especially towards wealthy customers. As a Trickster, she is fixated on making money and is always looking for a new way to earn more. Her birthday is June 11th and she has the most private savings in the army. 

In EXPonential Growth, the Anna who serves as a guide for the chapter speaks with a fake French accent. The Merchant version of Anna appears as a boss in Apotheosis.

During Harvest Scramble, while speaking to Tiki, Anna reveals that her family keeps a detailed log of everything they've each experienced, made from letters that they've each written about their journey. From a young age, each Anna is required to read the log in order to acquire all the information and knowledge contained.


Anna once again returns as a playable character. She is again made obtainable in one of the game's sidequests, and is obtainable in both the Conquest and Birthright versions of the game. It is assumed that she appears in all three Paths. This time around, she starts off as an Outlaw, has access to both Hoshido & Nohr classes as reclass options and has the highest overall stat growth in the game. She can once again support with the Avatar and can possibly be the wife of a Male Avatar.

In GameEdit

Fire Emblem: AwakeningEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
FE13 Anna Trickster Map SpriteTrickster 1 36 12 17 23 22 26 8 10 6+1
Skill Weapon Starting Items
Movement +1Movement +1
Picklock (FE13)Locktouch
SwordIconFE13Sword - C
StaffIconFE13Staff - D
Steel Sword FE13 IconSteel Sword
Heal FE13 IconHeal
Concoction FE13 IconConcoction

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
80% 40% 45% 60% 55% 80% 35% 40%

Max Stat ModifiersEdit

Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
-1 0 +1 0 +3 -1 0


See also: Anna/Supports

Class SetsEdit


Base ClassEdit

Anna is essentially a utility unit, possessing Trickster class. When compared to Gaius, her closest counterpart, Anna trails behind Gaius in several stats, though she has better defensive stat growths over him and a modest magic growth, making her a decent Trickster healer. Her main quirk is that she has an incredible amount of Luck growth, on top of a decent speed and skill growths to make her a tricky unit to hit. Her resistance is also quite high making her good for countering mage units. These traits usually make her more durable and more well suited for the Trickster class. It is recommended to give her Levin Swords to build off of her decent magic stat, though other swords work well with her decent strength cap and growth rate. She starts off with the Thief set of skills so she can pick locks right away and have a decent movement range with Movement +1.

Anna has the ability to slide into the Assassin class once she reaches level 10 and is a good option for Anna to be an offensive unit. She will lose a huge amount of her resistance, though this will get reallocated, with some of her Magic loss, into her other stats making her faster and stronger. She can grab her only offensive skill, Lethality, in this class and Pass to help her swarm or escape swarms herself.


Anna's two reclassing sets are the Archer and Mage lines. As a Mage and Sage, Anna is lacking the magical potency of Miriel and Ricken but is a bit sturdier and much harder to hit. Same going with the Dark Knight classes aside from Magic and Luck, Anna's caps are similar to Ricken in all other stats. Anna can grab Focus for good solo attacks, Slow Burn to slowly build her dodging and accuracy, and Lifetaker for regeneration. Magic +2 can be good as well for some extra healing potency and Levin Sword damage if needed initially, but best left off once she builds up some decent stats.

The Archer class may seem tempting, but Virion has higher strength, skill, and speed growths, allowing him to hit harder and faster. Aside from some of the skills offered in that class, Anna really plays best in her other classes. The Bow Knight's Bowbreaker is great for her to use when equipped with a sword since she'll have no options to counterattack unless she is wielding her Levin Sword and the Sniper's Hit Rate +20 is decent to help Anna hit enemies and Bowfaire is useful if Anna becomes an Assassin.

As a BossEdit

All DifficultiesEdit
Starting Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
Merchant 30 99 60 50 70 70 65 55 55 5
Skill Weapon Starting Items
FE13 AetherAether
Counter (FE13)Counter
DivineweaponRightful God
LanceIconFE13Lance - A Brave Lance FE13 IconBrave Lance*
Spear FE13Spear*

*Forged +8 Mt and 20 Hit



  • Anna: Hello there, handsome! Am I being rescued?
  • Chrom: Well, that was the plan, but you seem to be holding up just fine. Can you still fight?
  • Anna: I could stand to open a few more rogues, sure. Or locks, for that matter.
  • Chrom: A thief, is it?
  • Anna: Locksmith, thank you very much! But yes. Door or chest, I'll have it smiling wide in a trice. And it looks like these bandits have quite the hoard built up.
  • Chrom: ...Huh. Well then, I think we're in business.

Event TilesEdit

  • What's this? Well, well, it'll look great in my shop. (item)
  • Who knew you could meet suppliers in a place like this? Dang, I'm good! (exp)
  • "I snuck in some practice. I need to be able to slash brigands AND prices!" (weapon exp)

Relationship TilesEdit


  • "Hey, you look cheery! Find a nice weapon on sale?" (happy)
  • "Well, we've got a tough battle ahead. Can I count on you?" (team up)
  • "Take my word for it - the world is full of big dreamers. So what do you dream about?" (dreams)
  • "Hey, what do you do in your spare time? ...Shop, I hope?" (free time)


  • "Actually, I just got some hot new items in. Are you in a spending mood?" (happy)
  • "Sure. But let's not do anything reckless. A dead shopkeeper earns no profits." (team up)
  • "Me? I dream of big profits, obviously. So drop by my shop and help a girl out!" (dreams)
  • "Me? I do inventory. Want to watch? I'm a whiz at counting vulneraries." (free time)

Asking - MarriedEdit

  • "Please be careful out there, Avatar. We're supposed to open a store together!" (promise)
  • "Hey, handsome! You're nicer to look at with each passing day, you know that?" (compliment)
  • "Avatar, you're second to nothing except gold. ...Kidding! You're number one." (love)
  • "What have you got there, Avatar? Is it rare? Is it marketable? Let me see!" (gift)

Replying - MarriedEdit

  • "What? I would never leave my shop behi... Er, I mean, I'd never leave YOU behind." (promise)
  • "Ha ha! Thanks, that's sweet. You're looking pretty studly yourself today!" (compliment)
  • "Thanks, baby. I love you too. Want to go in the back room and...count gold?" (love)
  • "Oh, this? I was about to put it on the sale rack. Want to buy it off me?" (gift)

Asking - ChildEdit

  • "Wow, kiddo, you are fast at stocking the store shelves. Want to race sometime?" (train)
  • "Hey, are you okay? You were up all night reading." (concern)
  • "Is there anything you need? You know Mom runs the best store around." (gift)
  • "Sooo, what's popular in the future? I need to stay ahead of the trends." (story)

Replying - ChildEdit

  • "Sure, but go easy on me. I'm not the spring chicken I used to be!" (train)
  • "Really? Don't worry about me. I feel fine! Never better, in fact." (concern)
  • "Nah, my suppliers have got me covered. That's nice of you to offer, though!" (gift)
  • "I've been traveling and selling as long as I can remember. Oh, the lands I've seen! Which reminds me, I need to introduce you to my sisters. You have a LOT of aunts! ...You might say you were born into discounts." (story)

Level UpEdit

  • "If only my profits grew this fast!" (6-7 stats up)
  • "This sure beats gold! ...Wait, no it doesn't." (4-5 stats up)
  • "I wonder just how much I can branch out." (2-3 stats up)
  • "I think someone forgot to give me my change." (0-1 stat up)
  • "Minds are like wallets. They only hold so much." (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class ChangeEdit

  • "Everything must go!"


  • "Hmph. Not much of a selection, is there?" (buying)
  • "Think you can get a good price? At my shop you can." (selling)
  • "Perhaps I should start my own upgrading service." (forging)



  • "The enemy sure had some nice weapons. I should look into their suppliers." (misc)`
  • "Holy smokes! Is this my lucky day? My performance AND my profits are up!" (surge)

Greetings - NormalEdit

  • "Morning, Avatar! I smell a big day ahead for business!" (morning)
  • "Heya, Avatar! If you've got time, can I interest you in my wares?" (midday)
  • "Evening, Avatar! Ready to call it a day?" (evening)
  • "*Yawn* How do you manage to stay up so late, Avatar?" (night)
  • "Happy birthday, Avatar!" (birthday)

Greetings - MarriedEdit

  • "Hello, Avatar. How did you sleep?" (morning)
  • "Hello, Avatar. Hope you have a productive day!" (midday)
  • "Hello, Avatar. You should see my earnings today!" (evening)
  • "Hello, Avatar. Don’t stay up too late, okay?" (night)
  • "Happy birthday, Avatar!" (birthday)


An enigmatic merchant with a bevy of identical sisters—more than she can count. Like most merchants, she is a smooth talker who loves both gold and rich customers. The one with the fattest nest egg. Born on June 11th.

Help DescriptionEdit

A world-traveling merchant who loves money and big spenders.


“Keep this up and someday I may love you more than money! Haha... no, seriously.”
—Anna's confession quote.

Final ChapterEdit

“Avatar, you can’t close up shop on us now! We still need you!”
—Anna's final chapter quote.

“Well, it's back to business, I suppose. Drop by our shops now and again, okay?”
—Anna's quote after Grima was defeated by Chrom

“Why don't we travel the world together? You might find the answers on the way. Oh, and don't worry about the cost. I'm independently wealthy.”
—Anna reassuring the Avatar's choice if she is his wife

“You've done so much for me and all of my many, many sisters. You're an extra-special customer. ...I hope we meet again.”
—Anna's quote after the Avatar's sacrifice of killing Grima

DLC Pre-BattleEdit

The Golden Gaffe Pre-BattleEdit

“"Robbery" is one of my danger words, but it looks like I escaped unscathed. My shops are one thing, but no one can know about my, er, personal accounts. And YOU won't be telling them! I can promise you that...”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

EXPonential Growth Pre-BattleEdit

“Wrecking someone's inventory is as bad as murder in my book! My merchant's heart goes out to that shockingly lovely field keeper. You'll pay for your crimes!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Infinite Regalia Pre-BattleEdit

“Now THAT'S what I call a weapon! It belongs in a museum! ...Or better yet, on the top shelf of a fine establishment like my own. Once I've beaten you, maybe I could take it off your hands...?”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Death's Embrace Pre-BattleEdit

“It must've cost a fortune to install all these spikes. And look how well they hold their edge despite the rust! That's no ordinary steel... Hmm? Oh, forgive my rambling, dear. A merchant's instincts don't silence easily!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Five-Anna Firefight Pre-BattleEdit

“Other Anna's sisters are my sisters too. You'd better believe I'll save them all! Funny, though—it seems like they all live and work together, huh? I'm not that close with any of my sisters. I must admit I'm a little jealous!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Roster Rescue Pre-BattleEdit

“Trust means everything in my business. A couple of bad rumors could ruin a girl! Say, handsome...have you read the roster? What does it say about little old me? ...Wait, why am I even asking? I'll just waste you and check it myself!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Summer Scramble Pre-BattleEdit

“Brigands attacking the resort? That can't be good for business... I expect full compensation for the financial harm you've caused my sister! As you're about to learn, the tenacity of a debt collector runs deep as the sea!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

Hot-Spring Scramble Pre-BattleEdit

“It's human nature to flock to places with significant commercial value... But that's no excuse for the likes of you inhuman dirtbags! You're bad for business. If you're not here to shop, get out and stay out!”
—Anna's pre-battle quote.

In BattleEdit

Dual SupportEdit

  • "Go! Go!"
  • "Welcome!"
  • "Take 'em out!"
  • "Open for business!"
  • "We're on commission!"
  • "I'm right here."
  • "Here it comes!"
  • "I'm not worried!"
  • "You can do it!"
  • "We've got this!"

Dual StrikeEdit

  • "Here's a freebie!"
  • "Violence is on sale today!"
  • "Half off!"
  • "Two for one!"
  • "Can I help you?"

Dual GuardEdit

  • "You all right?"
  • "Not gonna happen!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Another happy customer!"
  • "Come again!"
  • "Next in line?"
  • "Huh..."

Partner Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "You get a discount!"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Ooh! Nice weapon!"


  • "Sold!"
  • "Cha-ching!"
  • "Ready to get gouged?"
  • "I make deep cuts!"

Defeated By EnemyEdit

  • "This can't be, ungh..."

Defeated as "Merchant"Edit

  • "Ahh!"

Death/Retreat QuoteEdit

“It's true...what they say... In the end, material possessions mean nothing...”
—Anna's death quote (classic mode)

“Another wound like that, and the shop's closed for good. I'd better fall back...”
—Anna's retreat quote (casual mode)

Possible EndingsEdit

Anna - Secret Seller
With nary a word, Anna left the others and returned to her free-spirited merchant life. She was later sighted across the continent, haggling with suppliers and beating down the cost of goods.
Anna and the Avatar
Many wrote of Avatar's legendary exploits, but accounts of his origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—he loved his wife, Anna, above all else.

Super Smash Bros. SeriesEdit

3DS Trophy InfoEdit

Type Image Description
Anna Anna3DS Anna is a bright, cheerful young merchant, but her true nature is clouded in mystery. She's very fixated on money and is a girl of many talents, but it wasn't until Fire Emblem Awakening that she became a playable character. There's still a lot we don't know about her-she likes to keep everybody guessing


Anna is the Latin derivative of the Hebrew name Hannah, originating from the Hebrew word Channah, meaning "favor" or "grace".


  • Anna has appeared in more Fire Emblem games than any other character, appearing a total of 13 out of 14 in the main Series. Fire Emblem Gaiden is the only game in which Anna does not appear.
  • An unnamed character, visually identical to Anna, runs the secret shop and the game suspension feature in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, complete with her trademark pose.
  • In Awakening, after playing for at least an hour, Anna will appear in the bottom screen of the save menu, saying "Don't forget to take breaks!"
  • As a boss, Anna has higher stats than any character from any Fire Emblem game.
  • Anna shares her English voice actress, Karen Strassman, with Olivia.
    • She also shares her Japanese voice actress, Saori Seto, with Severa.
  • Every naturally-occurring thief-class character in Awakening - Gangrel, Gaius, and Anna (and all three characters' potential Morgan) - is a redhead.


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