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“The plan to launch an attack on King Garon is a failure. The group narrowly escapes a Nohrian army led by Xander, somehow making it safely to Cheve.”
—Opening narration

Another Hope (魂は屈せず Tamashī wa kussezu, lit. Unyielding Spirit in the Japanese version) is Chapter 13 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Birthright Version.

Script Edit

The script of this chapter can be found here.


The dragon vein at the center of the map can be useful against enemies after Camilla make her first move. Wait for Selena and the three others units to be on the range.


Dropped ItemsEdit

House ItemsEdit


  • To trigger the movement of the upper area units Camilla must move first, otherwise the units won't move even if one of your allies is in their attack range. Camilla will move position when an ally unit is standing in her attack range. (Needs more verification)
  • The outlaws on the map can also enter the houses, taking the items inside for themselves. Outlaws on this chapter do not drop the items they stole upon death.

Previous chapter:
Dark Reunion
Another Hope Next chapter:
Light Scatters

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