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“Avatar ends the Ice tribe's rebellion. Upon returning home, new orders are issued: conquer Notre Sagesse. But first, the team must pass through Fort Dragonfall.”
—Opening Narration

Another Trial (再びの試練, Futatabi no shiren A New Ordeal in the Japanese Version) is Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.

Script Edit

The script for this chapter can be found here.


Azura is in the southeastern part of the Fortress. She retains whatever stats you got for her during Chapter 5. However, she is unarmed, only carrying a Chest Key and some Vulnerary.

The player starts off at the west side of the map. Move your units down to where Nyx is, and have your Avatar talk to her for recruitment. She will inform you of a wall that you can destroy to surprise the Hoshidans from. Clear the enemies slowly and carefully. On Lunatic Mode, several of the enemies will have various skills on them.

Haitaka should be the last enemy to deal with. He carries a Steel Nageyari, which is similar to a Javelin but has the properties of whatever metal the Nageyari is made from. As steel gives -3 battle speed, Haitaka will suffer from -3 speed during each battle. However, he is considerably strong but can be worn down quickly. On all modes, he comes with Rally Defense; on Hard, he gets Strong Riposte for extra counterdamage, and on Lunatic, Seal Defense. Capturing Haitaka is advised if the player does not have him yet, as his Rally Defense will help the player in the next level, which is mainly a defensive chapter. You will need Niles in order to capture Haitaka.

If you do have Haitaka in your logbook (and the money do so), there is no need to capture him. Ensure you loot both chests and finish off all enemies before seizing the throne tile.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

There will be enemy reinforcements at the stairs if you move on or north of the tile east of Haitaka outside his square shaped "shelter."


Dropped ItemsEdit

Chest ItemsEdit

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