Anri (アンリ) is the hero who originally defeated Medeus. When Medeus and his Dolhr Empire began their conquest of the continent, Anri, then just a peasant on the island town of Altea living with his brother Marcelus, met Princess Artemis of Archanea, who was hiding from the Dolunian forces in Altea. Anri and Artemis fell in love and Anri left for the Ice Dragon's Temple to claim the Falchion in order to protect her, guided there by Gotoh. Just when all hope seemed lost for the Archanean army, Anri returned and slew Medeus using the Falchion. He later founded the kingdom of Altea, and was crowned the first King of Altea, although he never married due to Artemis being forced into marriage with Duke Cartas, another Archanean general in the war who wielded the Fire Emblem. Because of this, after his death an issue of inheritance split his kingdom in two: Altea, ruled by Marcelus, and Gra.

Sixty-eight years later, in the War of Shadows and War of Heroes, Anri's descendant Marth would come to repeat the feats of Anri by twice slaying Medeus and making a journey to the Ice Dragon Temple. The people of Archanea saw Marth as a "second coming" of Anri.

In Awakening, he is mentioned in a support between Kjelle and Lucina as an ancestor of the hero-king who fought back a great evil single-handedly, implying that while his deeds and relation to Marth carried on throught history, his name was all but forgotten.

Etymology Edit

The name "Anri" may be the Irish Gaelic variation of the English name "Henry".

Trivia Edit

  • Anri's deeds were recorded in a literary work called the Anri Saga.