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“After rescuing Guinivere and Cecilia, Roy headed towards the Nabata Desert, following Sophia's lead. According to her, the village of Arcadia was located in an oasis hidden in the desert. However, Arcadia was already under attack by Bern. Roy suspected their aim to be the Dragons that were said to inhabit the village. Although the Lycia Alliance Army moved as quickly as they could towards Arcadia, a vicious sandstorm stood in their way.”
—Opening Narration

Arcadia (理想郷 Risōkyō) is Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem: Binding Blade.


  • To gain access to Chapter 14x, complete this chapter within 25 turns with Sophia alive
  • Terrain: Desert, most units have much smaller movement except flying and magical units, excluding Troubadours and Valkyries.
  • This is a Fog of War map.
  • There is treasure hidden in the desert as indicated by the image above. Every turn that a unit waits or otherwise ends their turn while within the marked zones, there is a 1 in 9 chance they will pick up the item. If they are a thief, this chance is 100% instead. For the Guiding Ring, only Sophia may pick it up, and she has a 100% chance of doing so.


Secret Book (Artwork)

The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

When the chapter starts, Cecilia and Sophia both join your party. You're in the desert, so mounted and armored units will have to move very slowly (Generals can only move one space at a time, so assist them via rescue command.) However, flyers and magic users (non-mounted ones) don't have that problem. Elen or Saul would be a much more valuable healer than Clarine for this map, due to the movement reduction.

Counter the abundant axe-wielding enemies with your swordsmen, an axeman, preferably a warrior, as their primary purpose will be to deal with wyverns, anyway. Weapons that do extra damage to wyverns will also be effective against the several manakete opponents, and your mages or Raigh fare well, as they will cross the sands unhindered, and few enemies on this map will have much resistance. This chapter won't give you too much difficulty if you can bring down their wyverns quickly, as their high movement and attack can make them deadly as they swoop in and out of the fog of war—using a thief's vision, or a torch staff, will likely be vital to your success. At any rate, bring a thief, just for a better chance of digging up the treasure. You only have 25 turns to get everything and complete the chapter if you want to go on to the Gaiden chapter.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • Turn 7: 2 Berserkers (Maggie and Rose) and 6 Bandits from southwest
  • Turn 8: 4 Bandits from southwest
  • Turn 9: 4 Bandits from southwest
  • Turn 10: 4 Bandits from southwest

In the ShopsEdit

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