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The Archanean league in battle.

The Archanean League (同盟軍, Dōmeigun lit. Allied Army in the Japanese version) is the army led by Marth against the armies of Dolhr during the War of Shadows. The Archanean League consists of the nations of Altea, Talys, and Aurelis, in addition to the main continent of Archanea. The goal of the Archanean League is to liberate Archanea from the Shadow Dragon Medeus. After Marth meets Hardin and Princess Nyna in Aurelis, she asks Marth to lead the Archanean League, and gives him the Fire Emblem.

Elements of the enemy nations Grust and Macedon would also end up joining the league.

After Medeus's defeat and the war ended, the Archanean League was disbanded and everyone went their separate ways.


Known MembersEdit

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