This article is about the DLC episode. For the class, see here.

“Not long after the War of Shadows ended... With Medeus's destruction, peace seemed to return to the world. However, the dark forces defeated by Prince Marth have begun to secretly act in the shadows...”
—Opening Narration

Assassins is the 2nd Downloadable Episode in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.

This chapter is unique in that four of the playable characters cannot be recruited or used in the main game or any other chapter. It takes place between Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the main story of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem.


The episode centers around the assassins, Reese, Clarisse, and Legion, driving out the Soothsires to "recruit" children kidnapped by the Soothsires, joined by Eremiya and Gharnef's Spirit, who treat them as puppets instead of children, and Athena, who is unaffiliated with the villains and merely wishes to save the "Vee Vuns".

The chapter ends with Reese and Clarisse in the castle at the north side of the map. After happening across a painting, Clarisse longingly remembering "A warm fire... a soft carpet... and two loving faces..."

A conversation between Gharnef and Eremiya meanwhile heavily implies the two twins to be nobles that were orphaned by Gharnef in order to make them his minions, as he sensed great power within the two.

Reese and Clarisse later rescue two children from bandits. One of them, a young girl, asks "My name is Katarina. What is your name?" Reese replies "How strange, that is my name too".