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“That Lifis, he's going overboard... Of course...I'll have no more use for him once I find the prince. Well...what to do now... I suppose I should first let my master know of this matter.”

August (アウグスト Augusto) is a former Blaggi bishop who appears in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He acts as the tactician of the Lifis gang but was disgusted by their brutality and killing of innocents, and later becomes Leif's tactician.

According to Bucks, he knows how to torture people and taught Lifis too, insinuating this why he was kicked out of the Blaggi order, however the truth in his words is debatable. August does not dispute this so its possible that August had a shady past before reforming or has a bad reputation.


August is a name of the eighth month of the current calender, taken from the emperor Augustus, the successor of Julius Caesar; the Roman Senate renamed the month (previously Sextilis) in his honor.


  • Leif gains a leadership star when August joins the party as their tactician. The only other instance of this is when Dorias is with the party, although unlike him, August is with the party until the game's end.


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