“I understand your anger, but those ‘impossible’ things that you speak of are currently happening, Lord Leaf. Already, thousands…no, tens of thousands of children have been kidnapped from this land of Thracia and taken to the Imperial Capitol of Belhalla. Areas like Manster and Leonster have been hit particularly hard because of the strong Lopto influence on them… Children are seldom seen there any more.”
—August to Leif during the escape from Manster

August (アウグスト Augusto) is a non-playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Formerly a bishop of the Blaggi Church, he initially acts as the tactician of the Lifis gang, but later becomes Leif's tactician after revealing that he was merely using Lifis as a way of finding the prince. In chapter 14x, it is revealed that August was acting under Lewyn's orders to assist Leif in the Liberation Army's fight against the Empire.

According to Bucks, August knows how to torture people (and taught Lifis too), insinuating this was why he was kicked out of the Blaggi order; however, the amount of truth in this is debatable. August does not dispute it, so it is possible that he has a shady past.


August has a rather cynical outlook, which is in contrast to Dorias (who is Leif's other tactician for part of the game). For example, after Dorias refers to Reinhardt as "an honorable warrior said to be the second coming of the Holy Warrior Tordo", August sharply rebukes him by saying that all of the Freege army is driving the world to darkness by allying with the Empire. Another example is during Leif's assault on Lenster; Dorias staunchly refuses the aid of villagers who offer to act as bait for the enemy ballistae, whereas August is willing to accept their sacrifice. At the end of the game, August himself says that he initially did not think Leif would have the strength to liberate Northern Thracia, but slowly began to believe in Leif over time.


August is a name of the eighth month of the current calendar, taken from the emperor Augustus, the successor of Julius Caesar; the Roman Senate renamed the month (previously Sextilis) in his honor.


  • Leif gains a leadership star when August joins the party as their tactician. The only other instance of this is when Dorias is with the party, although unlike him, August is with the party until the game's end.


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