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Aurelis Kingdom TCG

Aurelis Kingdom in the TCG.

The Kingdom of Aurelis (オレルアン translated Orleans in the Japanese versions) is situated at the plains to the north east of the continent of Archanea and north of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea. It was founded by Duke Marlon, the younger brother of Archanea's King Cartas, and shares friendly ties with Archanea. During the War of Darkness, Hardin fights to protect Aurelis from Dolhr and Macedon's forces on behalf of his brother, the king. This was one of the few kingdoms that didn't fall to the Dolhr Empire, the only other one being Talys.

The Nation supported Hardin throughout most of the War of Heroes but the grand majority pulled out right before the final battle. As Hardin was the last descendant of Marlon capable of continuing the line, Marth takes over the nation at the end of the game.

Aurelis would eventually become part of Regna Ferox, along with Khadein.

Notable CitizensEdit

  • King of Aurelis - The king of Aurelis and the older brother of prince Hardin
  • Hardin - The younger brother of the king of Aurelis and later the emperor of Archanea before he goes mad.
  • Wolf - Hardin's right-hand man who was later made the leader of the Wolfguard.
  • Sedgar - A knight of Aurelis and later second in command of the Wolfguard
  • Roshea - A knight of Aurelis and later a member of the Wolfguard
  • Vyland - A knight of Aurelis and later a member of the Wolfguard


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