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“I have fought alongside you thus far. Once I came to know you, I knew I wanted to fight for you. Sire. I devote myself to you, for your sake, not mine. I am truly happy that you are my liege.”
—Kris in a base conversation with Marth

The Avatar (マイユニット Mai yunittoMy Unit in the Japanese version), default name Kris (クリス Kurisu, Chris in the fan translations) is the deuteragonist of, and playable character in Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~. The Avatar is a custom character created by the player who participates in the game's stories and battles, similar to the Tactician from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, albeit much more involved as a character than the previous use of the concept.


Various appearances that the Avatar can have

Players can change the Avatar's name, gender, starting class, appearance and background. They can choose what their character's past, present and future is, which influences their base stats and stat growths. The default appearance of the Avatar is the blue-haired, male Mercenary who stands next to Marth in the game's boxart. The default female Avatar also has blue hair and is a Myrmidon.

From a gameplay perspective, the Avatar functions exactly like any other playable character. However, since they are one of the main heroes of the game, alongside Marth, their death results in an instant Game Over on both Classic and Casual mode. Unlike Marth, the Avatar does not need to be brought out into the battlefield, at least once the Prologue is over.

The Avatar has many Bond Support relationships with characters, akin to Marth, and also has a huge selection of Support conversation-like base conversations with other characters.


The Avatar is a youth from a village called Sera in the countryside of Altea who joins the Altean Knights one year after the end of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon along with Katarina. The prologue of Shin Monshō no Nazo covers the Avatar's rise from a rookie knight to one of Marth's personal guard. By the end of the prologue, they are a member of the 7th platoon of Altean Knights. Their eventual fate is to become the "Hero of Shadow", Marth's confidant and friend who holds no record in history. This unit joins the 7th platoon, along with Rody, Ruke, Raian, Katarina, and by Cecil later on.

Through base conversations, it is revealed that they draw heavy inspiration from their grandfather, Maclir, they are a terrible cook (according to Caeda and themselves, their food tastes like steel), they once meet both Norne and Tiki, through they have forgotten both meetings and never remember the latter, and they are extremely loyal to their superiors (notably Frey, Arran, Jagen, Caeda, and of course, especially Marth).

The female Avatar can become more than friends through these conversations with Gordin, Horace, Warren, Wolf and Jeorge. The male Avatar, on the other hand, can grow that kind of bond with Katarina, Malice, Malliesia, Athena, and even flirts with Feena, despite admitting to Samto that he is not good with girls. Despite his claim though, many of the women in the game become infatuated with him despite his oblivious behavior.

It is revealed in the ending that the reason the Avatar was forgotten is that they intentionally eliminated any and all mention of their heroic deeds so that the people of Altea and Akaneia, with both their nations heavily damaged by the war, would look only to Marth and unify under him as King, despite Marth's initial insistence that their deeds and name should not be forever lost to the shadows of history.


The Avatar's personality is a straightforward one, rarely showing emotion (especially for the male Avatar) except for embarrassment because of Samto or Palla, or, in the male Avatar's case, a strong bond with Katarina after their reunion in Chapter 16x. Their most notable trait, however, is their unwavering loyalty and admiration to their superiors, making quick to believe impossible tales of valor about them, and they almost blindly serving Prince Marth due to their strong admiration of his ideals. They are so dedicated to Marth, that even Marth himself questions why the Avatar is so loyal to him in his supports with the Male Avatar.


- Classes available for males only are Mercenary, Fighter, and Knight.

- Classes available for females only are Myrmidon and Pegasus Knight.

- Classes available for both genders are Archer, Cavalier, and Mage.

All classes in a respective reclass set may be used after the prologue but the initial class determines the appearance of the Avatar's clothes. A Cavalier Avatar comes with a lance if male or with a sword if female.



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Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~Edit

The Hero's Guard

Not much is written about [Avatar] in the pages of history. However, many speak highly of the time they spent alongside whom they called Altea's finest knight.

Ruke's NicknameEdit

Ruke gives a nickname for the avatar that varies depending on the gender and face that were chosen in character creation.

Face Male Female
1 Ordinary Ordinary
2 Kind Kind
3 Terrible Terrible
4 Sly Sly
5 Ordinary Ordinary
6 Sly Sly
7 Wild Wise
8 Scarred Beast
9 Captain Captain
10 Wise Timid
  • note: these names are based off the Heroes of Light and Shadow Translation project


English Fan Translation
Rody x Avatar (M)
FE12 Rody x Avatar (M) supports (Fan Translation)02:24

FE12 Rody x Avatar (M) supports (Fan Translation)


The Avatar's default name is Chris which is short for Christopher. The name originates from the Late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning "bearing Christ". It was meant to exemplify someone who carried Christ in their heart and is a similar allusion to the Avatar's relationship with Marth.

The Avatar's localized default name is Kris, which is a diminutive version of Chris.


  • Kris has an item named after themselves in Fire Emblem Awakening called Kris's Confect.
  • The Avatar is one of the few units whose status screen portrait changes at some point of the game, a trait they share with Marth, Ike, Volke, Sothe, Micaiah and Lucina. Their change happens whenever you get the chance to change their hairstyle or headgear. Unlike other examples, the changes are not mandatory and can be reversed at the end of the next chapter.
  • The Shin Monshō no Nazo Avatar is the only Fire Emblem Avatar to not appear in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • The Avatar of Shin Monshō no Nazo is referred to as female by Marth in Lost Bloodlines 2 when facing Female Avatar of Awakening, and as male by Katarina in Rogues & Redeemers 1 when facing Male Avatar of Awakening.
    • The Avatar of Shin Monshō no Nazo is still mentioned in Rogues & Redeemers by Katarina when facing the Female Avatar of Awakening, but nothing gender specific.


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