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“The evil Avatar has used his/her life force to resurrect Grima. To stop the dragon, Chrom must ascend Mount Prism, perform the Awakening, and win Naga's power.”
—Opening Narration

Awakening (聖王継承, Sei'ō Keishō lit. The Holy King Succession in the Japanese version) is Chapter 24 of Fire Emblem Awakening.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

In this chapter, ALL enemy units can take bonus damage, with the majority of the enemies being cavalry-based. Having flying units or a unit that's learned Acrobat can also help in this level, as the middle of the map is densely packed with forests. Since the objective is to kill the enemy quickly, equip your units with Beast Killers and anti-air weaponry.


  • Various enemy units appear from the three most-eastern forts on turn 3.
  • Various enemy units appear from the forts on random turns after turn 3.


  • When the chapter is cleared, during the cutscene where Chrom receives the Exalted Falchion, the location is referred to as "The Table", which appears to be a counterpart to the Dragon's Table.

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Invisible Ties
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