Chapter 24: AwakeningEdit


Battle BeginsEdit

  • Lucina: How could Risen infiltrate this sacred place?
  • Chrom: Their power must be linked to Grima's. We must destroy them!

Engaging Risen ChiefEdit

  • Risen Chief: will...never... (with any unit)
  • Risen Chief: (upon defeat)

After BattleEdit

  • Chrom: We've made it—the altar. Wait here... I'll be back.
  • Lissa: Be careful, Chrom...
  • Lucina: We must believe in him, Aunt Lissa.

(Scene cut; The Fire Emblem appears on-screen)

  • Chrom: Hear me, Naga! I bear proof of our sacred covenant! In the name of the exalted blood, I ask for the divine dragon's power! Baptize me in fire, that I may become your true son!

(Naga CG)

  • Chrom: Hrrraaagh!
  • Lucina: Father!
  • Chrom: I'm... I'm all right!
  • Naga: Be welcome, Awakener. Your heart has been tested and deemed worthy. Cleansed in my fire, your desire has proven to be the stronger.
  • Chrom: Then you will grant me the power to defeat Grima? ...The power of a god?
  • Naga: Yes. But know this: I am no god.
  • Lucina: But milady, you are the divine dragon!
  • Naga: So do sons of man name me. But I am no creator. I possess not the powers of making or unmaking. And neither does Grima. Neither of us bears the power to destroy the other utterly.
  • Chrom: Then what power can you grant me?
  • Naga: With my blessing, thou may draw forth Falchion's true might. The blade of the exalts shall again strike like the dragon's fang. Your strength will then be my equal.
  • Chrom: But not strong enough to destroy Grima?
  • Naga: Alas, Grima cannot be slain. Sleep alone can be your victory. Just as your ancestor put the fell dragon to sleep a millennium ago. But you must weaken him first. Only as the final blow can my power be used to bind his.
  • Lissa: Isn't there ANY way to destroy him for good?
  • Naga: There is, perchance, a power that could end Grima. However... 'Twould be his own.
  • Frederick: ...He has to kill himself?
  • Naga: Yes. And never would he do so of his own volition. He seeks only to add to his power, and set ruin upon the world. Now come. There is little time...
  • Chrom: Where is Grima now?
  • Naga: To the west lies a volcano known as Origin Peak. You shall find the fell dragon there.

(Before the save screen, Chrom's Falchion will transform into the Exalted Falchion)

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