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This article is about the weapon type. For the weapon called "Axe" in FE1 and FE2, see Iron Axe.

The Axe Axe (おの, Ono) is one of the four physical Weapon types that appear in the Fire Emblem series. In the weapon triangle, axes best lances but are bested by swords. The Swordreaver and the Swordslayer are the only axes that are able to reverse the weapon triangle. Unlike lances and swords, axes do not have any slim versions, although the Hatchet from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is a close approximation. The ranged versions of the axe are the Hand Axe, the Short Axe and Tomahawk, the latter being the most powerful as well as the rarest: usually only one exist per playthrough. In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones there was a one-of-a-kind Hatchet that functions as a weaker Hand Axe as well. A recurring axe known as the Devil Axe is unique for having a potential backfire on the user, based on the Luck stat.

Axes are characterized by their high Might and Weight, which is offset by their low Hit compared to swords and lances. Dark Magic can be considered the magical version of the axe, as it possesses the same general properties, being the most powerful but most inaccurate, and heaviest form of magic. In addition, Dark Magic users typically have similar stat builds to Axe users, but on the magical side. Axe users tend to have high HP, Strength and Constitution; mediocre Defense, Skill and Speed; and relatively low Resistance and Luck.

The Lord Hector is the only one of his class in the series to be able to wield axes.

Axes are almost absent in Fire Emblem: Gaiden, as only one class is able to use it, the thief (in this game is very close to a brigand), and no playable characters belong to this class.

Axe-wielding classesEdit

Enemy onlyEdit

Monshō no Nazo
Genealogy of the Holy War
Thracia 776
  • Pirate
  • Berserker
  • Baron
Rekka no Ken
  • Bandit
The Sacred Stones
  • Brigand
Radiant Dawn
  • Bandit

Notable AxesEdit

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