Azmur (アズムール Azumūru) is a character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the King of Grannvale in the first generation of the game, and is a descendent of Heim with major Naga holy blood. Azmur is also the father of Prince Kurth. Due to his old age, he requires assistance in governing the Grannvalian regions, as described in the introduction of Genealogy of the Holy War, with most political issues being handled by Prince Kurth.

After the assassination of his son, Azmur becomes bedridden, and is tricked into believing that Byron is responsible for this death. However, as he recognizes that his granddaughter, Deirdre, is a descendent of Heim, agrees to marry Arvis and Deirdre together. Azmur then allows Arvis to ascend the throne until the conceived child of the pairing comes of age. He never fully believes that Byron could betray Prince Kurth, but takes Arvis at his word until he breathes his last.

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