Part 1: Return to Mystery Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Navarre: You're here, as expected. Nothing against you, but I've been hired to do a job. So now, you'll die.

After Battle Edit

  • Navarre: You're strong, all right. It's a close call—which of you is stronger? You...or him? Heh. This is going to get interesting. I'm sure I'll see you around.

Part 5: Divine Dragon Princess Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Tiki (child): Ah! Are you the bad people that Veronica warned us about? Why can't you just go away? Besides, if you get any closer... I won't be able to hold back, and then...I can't help it if I do awful things to all of you!

After Battle Edit

  • Tiki (child): You beat me? Thanks to you, I'm back to my normal self! Even better—now I don't need to fight anymore!

Scene transition

  • Anna: Well done, everyone. That's one more successful mission! Seems like the Emblian Empire wasn't after Marth at all this time.
  • Alfonse: If only we could close the gateway to World of Mystery, then the Emblians couldn't keep going in.
  • Sharena: You're probably asking yourself why we don't just guard the gateways, Summoner. The thing is, we do. Or at least we try—but there are just too many gateways and too many Emblian soldiers. I wish that we royals of Askr had the ability to close the way to those worlds.
  • Alfonse: The royal powers to open and close the gateways are meant to work in tandem. I wonder, if Askr could close gates, would the power to open them simply shift to Embla? Legends suggest that might be so. And if it is, then we'd be just as stuck in this predicament!
  • Sharena: That'd be even worse. Then we'd have to check ALL the gates, not just the ones we once opened!
  • Anna: Veronica's war will continue until one realm has both powers or we learn to cooperate again. But for now, we are stuck, and chances are that all this was just another distraction. Who knows what gateway Embla has gone through while we've been here? We need to find out.

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