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“You fool...”
—Bahanuke, when Barker is killing him

Bahanuke is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the king of Canaan, the father of Arless, Barker, Julius, and Reshe, and the grandfather of Sennet, Neyfa, and Estofarne.

Twenty years prior to the game's events, He declared war on the Gerxel Church in an attempt to preserve peace in Lieberia. However, eighteen years later, he signed a peace treaty with the Gerxel Church and formed an alliance between it and his kingdom in order to create the Zoa Empire. It is revealed that he was seduced by one of his concubines, Karla, who is a witch from Zoa sent by Gwenchaos to manipulate him. Once Canaan begins to fall to Runan's forces and Sennet begins his uprising against the Zoa Empire, Barker and Julius conspire to murder Bahanuke to end the war. After Julius is slain in battle against Runan, Barker carries out their plan and kills Bahanuke.

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