Xenologue 11: Ballistician BlitzEdit


  • Anna: Hello and welcome, folks, to the ONE...the ONLY: OUTREALM TRIAAAL GROUNDS! Are you a powerful warrior? Do you wish to be and even MORE powerful-er one? Well then you're in the right place, buster! Prepare to be mightified! All you need do is overcoming a special trial, and BOOM—new swag! Power swag! Today's trial iiiiiiis... Drumroll, please... The "Bombastic, Bomb-tastic Broomfight!" Wait, that can't be right. Jerry? Jerry, what's— Oh. "Boomfight." Right. *ahem* For this trial, you'll be fighting ballisticians from another realm. Oooh! Exciting! Sound too good to be true? Well, dear customer, 'twould be, 'twould be, but for the wonders of capitalism! Thankfully, all I require is a nominal fee to get you all set up! *ahem* Now, please. Thanks. Hm... One, two, three... OK! Look like it's all here. Enjoy the fight! I'll just be hiding in this bunker over here... Huh? Oh, why a bunker?'ll see in juuuust a sec. No refunds. Ciao!

Battle BeginsEdit

(Visiting the village)

  • Anna: Man, what a weird army. Bet you don't have these guys where you're from, huh? I heard their weapons were specially made for a war that's raging to this very day. I don't know how these guys got them. Giant army surplus store, maybe? Oh, yeah! And to "tank" you for coming, I'd like to present you with this! Anyhoo, I gotta go, but stay strong! I know you can win. Toodles!

After BattleEdit

  • Anna: Wow! You survi—er, won! You won! Yay winning! Now, for your reward. You might call it a "dynamite" item. Ooh! Or a "dynamitem"! Jerry, did you get that? Write that one down! Where was I? Oh, right. I present to you, O Champion, the Sighting Lens. This will allow you to copy the techniques of the foes you saw today. Well, until next time, arrivederci! And remember—always bring cash!

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