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The Bamboo Branch (笹飾り Sasa-kazari, lit. Bamboo Decoration) is a Rod that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. A joke weapon that takes the form of a stem of bamboo with coloured strips of paper attached to its branches, the Bamboo Branch is nonetheless a viable, if situational tool with potency on par with a moderately competent Bloom Festal user or an inexperienced Sun Festal user for the short time it lasts, with the added bonus of acting as a limited-use Rally Luck skill.

Weapon StatsEdit

Fire Emblem FatesEdit

Name Type

FE14Rod Bamboo Branch

FE14 Staff Rod

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avoid Rng WEx Worth
C 3 -- -- -- -- 1-3 30 0

Restores 15-18 HP to an ally in range.
After use, grants allies within two spaces Luck +8 for one turn.


Sasa-kazari is a practice that is traditionally carried out during the onset of the Tanabata (七夕) Festival. The practice involves the decoration of branches of cut bamboo with strips of coloured paper that are known as tanzaku (短冊), on which poems or proverbs are written. This custom is said to arise from the belief that writing poems and proverbs on pieces of paper and then offering them to the stars will bestow one with good penmanship skills.

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