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“I think I've lived long enough... I have no lasting regrets. Nay, I would have at least liked to see Lady Est be wed with my own eyes... Silva, I know you've always been living for Canaan. I entrust its future to you. Ernst, I leave the rest to you. It pains me to have to leave it up to you, but please support Lord Barker and Lord Julius. Lord Barker, please forgive what little this aged form can accomplish. Oh, our heroic homeland, Canaan! For the future glory of Canaan!!!”
—Barbaross's final moment.

Barbaross (バルバロッサ Barubarossa, fan translated as Barbarossa) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is a loyal general known as the "Shield of Canaan" and one of the two bosses of Map 18. He is also the father of Silva and the grandfather of Sun.


After the Balt War, Barbaross found King Loffaru of Wellt unconscious and entrusted him to the care of Clarice, who nursed him back to health. At the Balt Fortress, he enters a battle against Runan's army, despite Princess Estofarne's concern for his safety. Seeing no hope of victory and wishing to die honorably, he ultimately kills himself by detonating the fortress.


Barbaross is a just and honorable man who lives and fights for his country. He serves as a fatherly figure to Estofarne and comforted her whenever she had nightmares. He cares about his soldiers, who admire him for his strength and responsibility.



Starting Class Group
GeneralGeneral TS group mercenary Armor
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
36 45 20 8 22 16 7 16 17 5
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Heaven SaintHeaven Saint
TS Big ShieldBig Shield
TS AwarenessAwareness
TS CharismaCharisma
ForestForest Fighter

TS SwordSword

Sol SwordSol Sword
Magic ShieldMagic Shield


“Even should I die, I won't let you pass here!”
—Battle quote

“Ugh...So this is it... No, I can't fall yet... Look well! This is Barbaross' final hour!!”
—Defeat quote


  • Barbaross appears to be based on both Lorenz and Hannibal, the latter in terms of design and title, and the former in terms of situation.
    • His design and title could also be based on the real-life figure Frederick I. "Barbarossa", emperor of Germany from 1122 to 1190. He got his nickname that is inspired off his great red beard by Italians who he fought and defeated.


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