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The Begnion Occupational Army is the main antagonist of the first part of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, so named because it is the force sent to occupy Daein after its defeat in The Mad King's War at the hands of a coalition of various Beorc and Laguz nations, including Begnion, which then assumed authority over the conquered nation. The Occupational Army is run by Senator Numida and General Jarod. It is suggested that the cruelty of the Occupational Army is known by all the Begnion senators, except for Prime Minister Sephiran and Apostle Sanaki. The army is well known in Daein for being cruel and relentless masters over the land, with very little (if any) consideration for the people, forcing almost all able-bodied male citizens into work/prison camps. At first, the Occupational Army is opposed only by Micaiah and the Dawn Brigade, but later on in Part 1, the Dawn Brigade becomes part of Pelleas' Daein Liberation Army.

Once Sanaki learns of this cruelty, she sends in an inspection team lead by Sephiran. In the end, Numida blames everything on Jarod and Jarod makes a last stand against the Daein Liberation Army at Nevassa, putting an end to the Begnion Occupational Army.

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