Unused Unit Quotes Edit

Level Up

  • "None can stand as my equal."
  • "Don't mistake me for those other musclebound dullards."
  • "I have no need for divine favor."
  • "How could one improve upon perfection?" (stats capped)
  • "Hmm...?" (1 stat up)

Class Change

  • "Hmph. So be it."

Battle Quotes

When Selected

  • "No one is a match for me!"
  • "I'll do this." (half health)
  • "I must be cautious..." (low health)

Enemy Dodges

Enemy deals 1 or no damage


  • "You're too kind."
  • "Much better!"

Using a healing item

  • "What is this swill?" (disliked)
  • "This is...palatable." (neutral)
  • "Very satisfying!" (liked)
  • "Oh, I do like this!" (loved)

Critical Hit

  • Berkut uses his boss critical quotes.

Finishing Blow

Defeated Enemy

  • "A sheep cannot face a lion!"
  • "A pathetic diversion!"
  • "I am Rigel's proudest son!"
  • "Pleasant dreams, you wretch!"
  • "The honor was all yours!"
  • "Ha!"
  • "Hmph."

Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy

Nearby Ally Below Half Health

  • "Would you heal already?"
  • "Heal, you idiot!"
  • "You need to heal."

Summary Screen

  • "Ha! Victory comes naturally to me."
  • "How exhausting..." (fatigued)
  • "How dare they put me through so much trouble..."
  • "Men die. This could be your lot tomorrow." (an ally dies)

Death/Defeat Quotes

“Ngh...! No... This isn't possible...”
—Berkut's death quote in Classic Mode

“Gngh... Perhaps I underestimated them... Carry on without me. I'll find a place to recover.”
—Berkut's retreat quote in Casual Mode

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