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Bern(ベルン王国 Berun Ōkoku, referred to as Biran in PAL region versions) is a nation featured in Fire Emblem: Binding Blade and Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. It is ruled by King Desmond in the latter and his son, King Zephiel, in the former. After the Scouring, two of the Eight Heroes settled in the southeast of Elibe, where Hartmut the Hero became Bern's Founder and King, and Bramimond the Enigma retired to the Shrine of Seals and maintained the seals on the Legendary Weapons of Elibe.

The army of Bern is known as the most powerful military forces on the continent of Elibe, rivaled only by Etruria. However, unlike Etruria, Bern was famed and greatly revered for its military might. Wyverns are native to this country and as a result, the Bern army rears these mighty beasts as partners for their Wyvern Riders, further increasing their military power. Bern Keep is stationed in the mountains, making it near impenetrable. They have three Dragon Generals which correspond to Etruria's three Generals.

Role in Rekka no KenEdit

After almost being killed by Nergal, Eliwood and his group travel to the Nabata Desert to search for Athos. They are told by him to travel to Bern and find the Shrine of Seals, this is the only way to stand a chance of defeating Nergal. To get a map to the shrine of seals Eliwood is first sent to find the Fire Emblem, which is necessary for Zephiel to be crowned later on. They later save Zephiel's life from an assassination attempt by the Black Fang and are given the map. They then go to the Shrine of Seals and get Bramimond to remove the seals off the Legendary weapons, which will be necessary to defeat Nergal.

Role in Binding BladeEdit

Led by King Zephiel, Bern invades Ilia and Sacae and engages war with Lycia. However, before they could conquer Lycia as a whole, Etruria's army steps in and stops them. Later,during an Etrurian civil war, Bern supported the rebels who fight against the loyalists in an effort to gain control of Etruria, only to be quelled. After that, both Ilia and Sacae are liberated from military occupation.

To try and end it all, Bern was invaded by the Etrurian army under Roy's command. The battle in the royal castle ended with King Zephiel's death.

Characters from BernEdit


Royal Family of BernEdit

Bern MilitaryEdit

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The nation of "Bern" in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken and Binding Blade shares the very same name as the capital of Switzerland. In medieval times, Bern was the strongest city state of Switzerland and northern Europe or to the north of the Alps. Bern's territory was more than one-third of Switzerland as well as parts of today's France, Italy and South Germany. Bern was also famous for its mercenaries and their brutality.

Also may refer to the ancient name of the Italian city Verona, the kindom of Dietrich (Dietrich von Bern, heroic figure of Germanic legend, apparently derived from Theodoric the Great, an Ostrogothic king of Italy who reigned from c. 493 to 526 ad.). Dietrich lives for many years at the court of Etzel (Attila), until he returns with a Hunnish army to defeat Ermenrich at Ravenna. Etzel’s two sons fall in the fight, and Dietrich returns to Etzel to answer for their deaths.


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