Generation 1

Prologue: Birth of the Holy Knight



Midayle: My lady, the castle's completely surrounded! We've failed you miserably!

Edain: Midayle, it's all right. Everyone gave their best. You needn't worry about me anymore. Please save yourself. I want as many of you to get out of this alive as possible! 

Midayle: None of us are going anywhere, my lady. We're here for you until the very end. Even if it means our lives.

Edain: Oh... thank you, Midayle. I'm so sorry to put you through all this.


Sigurd: Edain is in trouble. Munnir's army has laid siege to Jungby Castle. Naoise, I'm going to go and see if I can do something. You're in charge while I'm gone.

Naoise: Sir... You're not planning on going alone, are you?!

Sigurd: Grannvale's military is already en route to Isaach. There really is no one left to call on. Verdane's army may be full of barbarians, but it's huge. There are bound to be casualties. I can't get you involved.

Naoise: Excuse me, sir?! We were born into knighthood and are prepared to die fighting! We'd be a disgrace to let our master perish out there all alone. We're going with you. Alec, you're with me on this, aren't you?

Alec: Damn straight. But we'd better swing by the villages before going to Jungby Castle. Those barbarians'll loot the place, kill everybody in sight, then burn it all to the ground. We've got to beat them there and get the villages to strengthen their defenses.

Sigurd: Point well taken, Alec. We mustn't overlook our duty as knights to protect the people.

Alec: Actually, Oifey takes credit for that one. I tell ya, that kid's a strategist in the making. Takes right after that famous grandfather of his, Lord Sesar.

Sigurd: Is Oifey in the palace now? Oifey... you here?

Oifey: Sir, I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I'd like to join your assault. I don't want to just sit back and watch the castle, sir.

Sigurd: I don't know, Oifey... You're still pretty young. You think you'll be okay out there?

OIfey: I'm already 14, sir. I know I'm not ready to fight yet, but I can still help out. Please... let me go with you.

Sigurd: Well, it has been a good two years since you began training for your knighthood under me. You're probably ready for some battlefield action. But no fighting... not just yet anyway. Why don't you come along as my personal advisor?

Oifey: You bet! Thanks, sir!

Naoise: Sir, have you considered leaving someone behind to defend the castle? It would be too risky not to. We would be finished if we lost our base here to the enemy.

Alec: Hey Naoise... you KNOW who'd be perfect for that job! Isn't that right, Arden?

Arden: Why me, Alec?

Alec: Because you're strong, reliable... and slow! You're the one, hands down! Hahaha!

Arden: Hmph. I can live with the strong and reliable part, but leave the slow bit out, okay?

Sigurd: Arden, can we count on you? You're the only one who can aptly handle the castle's defense.

Arden: All right, I'll do it. But you gotta promise to take me to battle with you sometimes.

Sigurd: Will do. All right, let's make our way to the villages, and then we're off to Jungby!

(Turn 1, enemy phase)

(Outside Jungby)

Munnir: What's takin' you morons so long to take this dinky castle? Never mind, I'll do it myself!

(Munnir starts to battle Midayle)

Munnir: Ya held out pretty well for bein' on yer own. But I've gotcha now. Die!

(Munnir criticals Midayle with a hand axe, depleting Midayle's HP)

Midayle: Grr... Lady Edain... Forgive me!

(Battle ends)

Edain: Midayle...

Munnir: Ooh! Who have we here... Lady Edain of Jungby! Heh heh... You're comin' with me!  Dimaggio, you and Gerrard are in charge.

Dimaggio: Where are you goin'?

Munnir: Don't ya worry. I'll be back with Cimbaeth and his men. Hell, we may even press on to Belhalla. There'd be no one to stop us if we did! Make yourselves at home here, boys. Anything goes!

Dimaggio: Heh... You can count on us for that.

(Munnir starts slowly walking west with Edain)

Munnir: Hey, you're draggin'! Now pick up the pace!!

Edain: ......

(They start walking again, much faster. They make it past the bridge just east of Evans)

Munnir: Take out this bridge! I don't want any of them Grannvaleans gettin' over here!

Verdane soldier: Yes sir.

(Munnir and Edain walk to Evans)

Munnir: Gerrard, I'm headin' back to Marpha Castle. The castle's in your hands, so stay alert!

Gerrard: Yes sir! Who's the dame, Your Highness?

Munnir: She's my booty! I'm takin' her back to be my wife. She's a keeper, wouldn't ya say?

Gerrard: Yeah, she's makin' my mouth water...

Munnir: You wipe that grin off your face! You'll get your needs met once Grannvale is ours. Show a little self-control 'till then.

Edain: You're all animals... Dear Lord, please instill these people with a little decency.

Munnir: What're you mumblin' about?! We're goin'! No fallin' behind this time!


Dimaggio: Get movin', idiots! We're goin' to Chalphy. Bring any loot you find in the villages to me!

(Turn 2, player phase)

(North-center of map, Azelle and Lex arrive from the north)

AzelleLex, looks like we made it in time.

Lex: Geez... Looks like Sigurd is taking on the entire Verdane army! He'll sure be happy to see us. You just can't stay out of these things, can you, Azelle...

Azelle: Yeah, but with the military on engagement to Isaach, Grannvale's completely strapped! Sigurd and the few soldiers left in Chalphy are out here fighting for their lives! I can't just leave them hanging...

Lex: Oh really... I'm not quite buying your story, Azelle. What aren't you telling me?

Azelle: Wh... What're you talking about?!

Lex: I'd surmise that you're all worked up about Lady Edain of Jungby. I know you like her.

Azelle: Y...You're crazy!

Lex: A-ha! Face is getting red there, buddy! You little player you.

Azelle: Lex, knock it off! Now come on, let's get going.

Lex: Hahaha... All right, let's do this. Finally, a chance to kick some ass.

(Turn 3, player phase)

(Outside Chalphy, Quan, Ethlyn and Finn arrive from the east)

Quan: Looks like we're not too late. I hope Sigurd is all right.

EthlynI'm sure my brother's fine, but he has no one around him that can use magic. I'm sure I can put my Heal Staff to some use around here. I'm sorry to pull you into this, Quan. I know I'm no longer a Chalphy, but I can't just sit back and do nothing. On my brother's behalf, thank you so much for coming.

Quan: You don't need to thank me, Ethlyn. You know Sigurd and I go way back. Not to mention that he's my brother-in-law now. Besides, I can't have you fighting alone.

Ethlyn: I sure appreciate it, dear.

Finn: Forgive me for interrupting, but we should hurry. The battle is just up ahead.

(If Sigurd enters Chalphy)

Oifey: Sir, once you've rested up you might consider making an appearance in town. It should put everyone at ease to see you're not injured.

(Conquering Jungby)

Oifey: Sir, there's a knight on the ground over here!

Sigurd: Hey, isn't that Midayle?! Come on, Midayle... pull it together!

Midayle: Uaahhh... Sir Sigurd??

Sigurd: Midayle, are you okay?! Where's Edain?

Midayle: I don't know. Munnir was here though...

Sigurd: Is that right... Well, don't worry. I'll get her back. Give yourself some time to heal up.

Midayle: No, Sigurd. I must join you. I can't begin to tell you how worried I am about her!

(Enemy phase, Evans)

Gerrard: Dimaggio blew it?! That worthless piece of crap! Prince Munnir won't be pleased. Damn it all! Go put th' bridge back up over the Jun River. Let's get it right this time!

(Arvis appears in the north)

ArvisHis Majesty wants me to check on things... The savages sure aren't going down easy. Sheesh... Sigurd, you don't impress me much.

(Sigurd talks to Arvis)

Arvis: Sir Sigurd, how've you been?

Sigurd: Lord Arvis?! What're you doing here?

Arvis: His Majesty was worried, so he sent me to assess the state of the conflict. He also sent this with me. It's for you.

Sigurd: Whoa... a silver sword! He wanted me to have this? What an honor! Lord Arvis, please express my sincerest gratitude to His Majesty.

(If Azelle is alive)

Arvis: Will do. By the way, I heard my brother Azelle has joined your army.

Sigurd: Yeah... sorry. It sounds like he came behind your back. I couldn't just turn him away. If at all possible I'd like him to stay with us for a bit longer.

Arvis: Well, keep him safe. Azelle's my only brother. We may have different mothers, but he still means the world to me. I wish he and I got along better, but that's the way these things go. Sigurd, i'm leaving him with you in good faith. Show him the ropes, okay?

Sigurd: I'll do that. I'll see if I can get him to return home once we finish up here.

Arvis: I appreciate it. Well, I need to get back to Belhalla to watch over His Majesty. Don't let me down, Sigurd.

(If Azelle is dead)

Arvis: I will. By the way, I heard my brother Azelle has joined your army. Is he alright?

Sigurd: Well... Actually, Azelle was...

Arvis: He got himself killed, didn't he...

Sigurd: I'm so sorry. There was nothing I could do...

Arvis: Azelle... you fool...

(Seizing Evans)

Oifey: Sir, we've searched the entire castle, but there's no sight of Lady Edain.

Sigurd: You're kidding! Where in the world could she be...

Oifey: Verdane must have taken her away before we arrived. I hope she's all right.

Sigurd: Grr! I'm hunting those bastards down! We're getting her back!

(Filat from Belhalla arrives)

Oifey: Sir, an envoy of His Majesty has just arrived from Belhalla.

FilatSir Sigurd, your efforts in this conflict have been quite impressive! His Majesty is exceedingly pleased and has ordained you a Holy Knight of the Kingdom.

Sigurd: I hardly deserve such a great honor! I pledge my allegiance to His Majesty.

Filat: We gravely need your help in protecting these castles. You will be duly compensated. Of course the sum will go down if the castles incur any damages. Please continue to be vigilant in the ensuing battles.

Village ConversationsEdit

Villager: You've come for us! Our village is saved! Here's a small sum of money we all pooled together. Use it how you see fit. Please help out other villages if you can. They're sure to appreciate it.

Villager: Listen up, kid. Swords are stronger than axes, axes are stronger than lances, and lances are stronger than swords. Keep that in mind when you're in combat. And if you find yourself hurting, the church is your one stop to full recovery. But it ain't free, mind you. The going rate is 5 gold for each hitpoint.

Villager: The ruling family of this area has produced master swordsmen for generations. It's no surprise as the Chalphys are all descended from Baldur, the Crusader of Light. If we just had Lord Byron's Holy Tyrfing, those barbarians wouldn't have a prayer!

Villager: You came to save us?! I thought we were doomed! I've got a ring for you in appreciation. It's called the Speed Ring. Slip her on for a little boost in speed. Go ahead... put her on! Your enemy'll have a tough time hitting you now!


Azelle and Sigurd

Azelle: Sir, I'm glad to see that you're safe.

Sigurd: Azelle? What are you doing here all the way from Velthomer?

Azelle: Lex and I came to help you fight Verdane. We came as quick as we could. Please, let us fight with you.

Sigurd: Geez, I could never ask you to fight. Does your brother, Lord Arvis, know that you're here?

Azelle: Er... no, I doubt it. He's back in Belhalla commanding the Royal Guard. Actually, he specifically forbade me from stepping outside the capital.

Sigurd: I bet he did! Have you considered the consequences of leaving like you did?

Azelle: Yeah, but... I shouldn't say this, but Arvis scares the living hell out of me! I don't think I live up to his expectations. I... I feel like I'm just a burden on him.

Sigurd: Well, you have your reasons. I'm glad you came, Azelle. You stay as long as you want.

Azelle: Thank you, sir!

(Sigurd leaves)

Azelle: Wow, he's just like everyone said he was! I wish Arvis could be more like him...

Lex and Sigurd

Lex: How do you do, sir?

Sigurd: Lex! Are you here to help out, too?

Lex: Actually, Azelle, that little punk... he dragged me here.

Sigurd: You're too much, Lex... haha. Does Lord Lombard know you're here?

Lex: Hell no! No offense, sir, but my father can't stand yours. No way in hell he'd consent to me helping the Chalphys. I'm here by my own reckoning. Sir, just so you know... I'm not here for your little mission. Azelle's just a good bud of mine.

Sigurd: Er... I see. Well, all the same, I appreciate you guys coming.

Lex: Well, we'll do what we can. Those barbarians have had their way long enough.

Ethlyn and Sigurd

Ethlyn: Sigurd, you're okay!

Sigurd: Ethlyn... good to see you!

Ethlyn: I was so worried when I heard about Verdane's invasion. I'm just glad you're okay.

Sigurd: You didn't think I'd lose to Verdane, did you?

Ethlyn: Yeah, I heard you only had a few soldiers in Chalphy. And I know you, Sigurd. You are always jumping into this kind of stuff without thinking. Especially with Father being away... I knew I had to come.

Sigurd: Heh heh... you've always had your head on straight, haven't you... You know you did a great job filling mom's shoes after she passed away. When you married into Leonster's royal family, I believed we had a lady on our hands. But you're still the same old Ethlyn. Poor Quan! Hahaha!

Ethlyn: Sigurd! If I'm a nag, it's because of you and dad! If both of you weren't such slobs!

Sigurd: ...Yeah, you may have us there. But we still appreciate everything you've done. Ethlyn, I'm sorry you had to come all this way. I can't thank you enough.

Ethlyn: Sigurd...

Quan and Sigurd

Quan: Sigurd, everything all right?

Sigurd: Quan! What are you doing here?

Quan: We heard about your skirmish with Verdane. We're here to fight.

Sigurd: How about Leonster? Don't you have Thracia to keep an eye on?

Quan: We do. That's why I only brought Finn. My father took command of the Lance Ritter.

Sigurd: I see... Geez, sorry to drag you into all of this, Quan.

Quan: Sigurd! Did you already forget about our pact?

Sigurd: Huh?

Quan: Rememer the academy? We all met at the military academy back in Belhalla. It was the three of us. You, me, and Eldigan. We were talking late that one night. And we took a vow to help each other out if one of us was ever in a pinch.

Sigurd: That's right. No... I haven't forgotten.

Quan: Okay, then. Let's get to work and rid yourself of this little nuisance. Don't forget, Sigurd. I'm always here for you. Especially in times like these.