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Black Flames (黒き炎 Kuroki honō Black Flame in the Japanese Version) is Chapter 17 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Revelation Version.


This chapter begins immediately after the conclusion of Chapter 16; thus, the player cannot exit the battle, save prior to starting it, or advance any supports. The player can, however, move inventories around and reselect units. Any unit hurt in the previous chapter will not retain their injuries, giving the player a complete fresh start for this map.

Early on in the chapter, Xander and Leo will arrive in the northeastern end of the map to support the player, and their retainers will join on the following turn.

Strategy Edit

It may be tempting to divide your units into two groups on this map, which will make clearing the chapter faster. In lunatic, however this could increase the risk of losing a unit substantially and may result in the player restarting from chapter 16 again.

To mitigate this risk, keep all units together. Odin, Niles, Laslow and Peri may be a liability on this chapter due to their low level, specially in Classic (though even in Casual this can be annoying). However, ensure to keep them with the group as you do not want them to be cut down by enemy reinforcements. Pairing them up with other characters might be a solution.

The cavaliers, paladins and great knights on the right side of the map will charge towards you from turn 1. Ensure to have your highest defence characters lead the front line. It may be safer to pair them with other units in defensive stance to ensure their survival. Once these enemy units are taken care of, advance carefully to the boss to end the chapter. Keep in mind that enemy reinforcements will pour out of the enemy strongholds when only when a playable unit enters a certain part of the map. So caution should be excercised when advancing.

Script Edit

The script for this chapter can be found here.


Dropped ItemsEdit

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White Flames
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Veiled Kingdom

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