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The Blaggi Sword (ブラギの剣 Buragi no ken) is a holy Sword that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Capable of nullifying the Lopto Sword's wicked ability of halving all attacks that are inflicted upon its wielder, the Blaggi Sword is initially possessed by Ced, who later entrusts it to Saias, urging him to pass it into the hands of Leif before entering Manster Castle. According to Saias, only those in possession of Holy Blood flowing through their veins can wield the sword, but this rule does not apply to Galzus and Mareeta, both of whom are unable to wear the blade, despite being distantly associated with a branch of the Isaach royal family.

Out of all the possible candidates who are capable of wielding the Blaggi Sword, it is highly recommended for it to be worn by Leif. This is attributed to the fact that unlike such characters like Nanna, Felgus and Delmud, Leif is a foot unit, meaning that he is the only individual who will not suffer any impairing penalties whatsoever when partaking in battles that take place indoors, thereby allowing him to fully expend the sword's potential. To this end, the battles waged against Raydrik and Mus will be made easier if dispatched with Leif wielding the Blaggi Sword, by virtue of not just the fact that they are vulnerable against it due to them brandishing its binary opposite as their primary weapon of choice (with Mus functioning as the Deadlord incarnate of Raydrik), but also the fact that said battles occur in indoor-based maps. Further adding on to this, Leif is, in the Final Chapter, guaranteed to be allotted a starting spot that is positioned directly in front of the room Mus is located in. This is in opposition to the starting positions assigned to the other three individuals, where, by virtue of the possibility of said positions being located too far away from Mus, they are thus rendered not ideal in efficiently banishing him from the battlefield.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type
FE5blaggisword Blaggi Sword FE5 Sword Icon Sword
Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
FE5 Star 60 15 70% 0% 1 12 1 -
Effect(s) Leif, Nanna, Felgus and Delmud only; Negates the Lopto Sword's special ability. Effective against armored units; Bestows its wielder with the Prayer skill as long as it is equipped.

Item LocationEdit

Method Location
Event Ch. 23 - Either direct Leif to speak to Cyas or ensure Cyas' survival until the chapter is completed.


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