“You're a priestess, aye? Other of your kind have tried to cross this valley and seek Mila's blessing...but nary a one of them have completed their journey in one piece.”
—Blake talking to Celica in Echoes

Blake (ブライ Burai, Bly in the Japanese version) is an enemy boss character in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. He wields the dreaded Shadow Sword in both appearances.



Blake makes his appearance as the penultimate boss of Chapter 3: War of Deliverance during Celica's route. There he threatens the priestess and her group with his band of myrmidons and a single witch (Two Witches and an additional Archer on Hard Mode in Echoes) to keep them from reaching Mila's Temple. He is defeated by Celica's party before they move on to their ultimate destination.


Blake, like many other bosses in the game, is a cruel individual. He mocks the fates of his victims while taunting Celica and her group over the apparent fact that Mila is responsible for Zofia's suffering. As he dies, he continues to mock the heroes efforts to find Mila. He also has a minor habit of saying "aye" in the remake.

In GameEdit


Starting Class
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
1 30 24 11 9 0 7 6 5
Magic Starting Items


Shadow Sword


“What are you waiting for? Soon you'll all serve as scabbards for my shadow sword!”
—Blake's pre-battle quote in Echoes.

“Damn...You're stronger than you look...Shame you're too late...Mila is...already...”
—Blake's defeat quote in Echoes.


  • Blake and Deen used to appear very similar to each other in looks; Blake's portrait was originally a horizontally reversed variant of Deen's. In the remake, Deen received a drastic upgrade in appearance while Blake retained his original design with minor alterations; instead of a scarred right eye he bears at least six scars on his face, with four of them creating an "X" design.
    • Furthering similarities between the two men are their weapons of choice in the remake: Deen's Brave Sword and Blake's Shadow Sword. Both weapons can evolve into one another at the Smithy.
  • Blake's voice clips in battle are shared with the two other bosses, Wolff and Zakson, with Wolff appearing in the same route as Celica's, and Zakson appearing in Alm's.
  • Strangely, Blake's armor model is coded like a generic Myrmidon's unlike most bosses who uses a unique color scheme, as it appears red when as an enemy, and if hacked to a playable unit, it takes the ally Myrmidon's color scheme.

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