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  • Shaman of Earth


    April 23, 2017 by Shaman of Earth

    I'll be leaving this wiki now. I've lost much of my interest and I must move on for personal reasons. I enjoyed my time here and wish everyone luck. Also, I won't see any messages left for me, so keep that in mind.

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  • Are You Serious

    So for the past few days I've been putting the portraits for the characters, bosses and classes from Fire Emblem Echoes. I still have to go through the Monsters folder, but I'm kind of burnt out. If anyone else would like to do it I can link you the zip file with all the portraits.

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  • Nauibotics

    Heroes Impressions

    March 24, 2017 by Nauibotics

    So I've been playing Heroes for sometime now and I've amassed a pretty decent army at this point. Based on the ones I've obtained, I've gotten a good sense of how they operate, especially the ones i use mostly. I will list my impressions of the Units that I used in game, their strengths and their weaknesses.

    So, for the most part, these units are my 4-5 Star heroes that I've obtained and had a good amount of time to train and used in PvP. Keep in mind that these are subjective and should be considered with the highest amount of digression that I can recommend. Also, I'm only focusing on the units I have obtained thus far. I've experienced most of the other commonly talked about before to know how they work, but I'm just giving my impression…

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  • P.chraca

    Hello there. My Gamestop has FE Radiant Dawn but I'm not sure if I shoild get it since I haven't played Path of Radiance. Will I miss anything important form RD if I don't play PoR? Also no spoilers please  

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  • Zeref Fullbuster

    Crossover idea's

    February 27, 2017 by Zeref Fullbuster

    What are your favorite crossovers with Fire Emblem, also what do think about a crossover with Magi/Adventure of Sinbad and Fire Emblem?

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  • Rahkshimaster999

    I'm afraid I need a disclaimer for you all: Emma is bad. Shade is, if anything, worse. I've tried making good Decks with them as possible MCs, really I have, but it just doesn't work - neither of them have the power or Skills to make good MCs. However, because I promised to at least put up a Shade Decklist on my Talk Page, I'm going to put up a somewhat jokester Decklist here and follow up at a later date with as best I can manage for her, though I dislike using her - she's honestly a fanservice character who's pretty much only in so that they can have someone whose boobs they can show off as much as they like without any diehard fans screaming rage about their favorite character being ruined, and DON'T try to call me a Misogynist on this …

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  • The Vallite King

    If you weren't aware, I have an unpopular YouTube channel, mainly Pokemon shenanigans, Smash 4 and MK8, and one Call of Duty glitch. My last video was over 4 months ago. Starting soon, I will be getting back into the game, but not in a way you'd expect from my near-strictly gaming only channel.

    Swords. I will be showing off my various weapons on the channel, discussing them, and then, you guessed it, showing my skills with the weapon in question. This should be very fun.

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  • The Vallite King

    So my friend decided to change the Behemoth page on the Battlefield wiki. He deleted everything and replaced it with the entire script of The Bee Movie. Yes, you heard me right, The Bee Movie. Following this incident, an admin IP blocked him, which means he got blocked, I got blocked, Mr. B (our teacher) got blocked, EVERYONE'S BLOCKED.

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  • Rahkshimaster999

    So we got a Nintendo Direct entirely about Fire Emblem, and I may or may not be freaking out more than a little bit right now from all the new reveals and stuff. For those of you who've missed it, it can be found on Serenes Forest right now, along with their best analysis of what little information we have. For those who don't want to look at that, quick warning, I'm spoiling lots of stuff right here in this post, so don't read this post if you want to wait and watch the Direct yourself for all the news.

    First and foremost, there were four revealed games for the upcoming two years. Yeah, that's right, four. One of them technically doesn't really count as a full reveal right now, but eh, it's still a reveal in my book, and I'm the one writing…

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  • Brainwasher5

    You're playing Conquest, and you understand that the game has limited time to gain experience. You could either choose to use some characters and ditch the rest in the interests of keeping your team competitive and alive through the chapters...or you can grind out every last drop of exp this game has to offer. This guide shows how to do the latter: how to optimize experience grinding, the best maps to experience grind on, and the best way to make sure your team can handle whatever Conquest throws at you.

    For some this guide totally defeats the purpose of Nohr mode, which is supposed to be a game of limited resources and challenge. That's a legitimate viewpoint and I won't contest it; feel free to stop reading. This guide is meant for either…

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