Level UpEdit

  • "Evading attacks is easy when you can see what's coming." (Speed/Skill)
  • "I feel myself getting stronger lately." (Attack/Defense)
  • "Man, my luck is almost scary today..." (Luck/Resistance)
  • "Uhhh...what?" (0-1 stats up)
  • "No complaints here. I'm feeling pretty good!" (Max Stats)

Class ChangeEdit

  • "Guide me as you see fit, Mila."

Battle Quotes Edit

First Turn Selection Edit

  • "Ready anytime."
  • "I'm good to go" (half health)

Enemy Dodges Edit

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage Edit

Healed by Ally Edit

  • "Whew, you're a lifesaver!
  • "Thanks for that."

Used Healing Item Edit

  • "Ugh. This is...yeah." (disliked)
  • "It's fuel I suppose." (neutral)
  • "Ah, that hit the spot." (liked)
  • "Really? I can have this?" (loved)

Attacking Edit

  • "Here it comes!"
  • "You're finished!"

Critical Hit Edit

  • "It's over!"
  • "Sorry, friend."
  • "Out of the way!"
  • "Have some of this!"

Finishing Blow Edit

  • "You're finished!"
  • "Here it comes!"

Enemy Defeated Edit

  • "I don't wanna die here either."
  • "Pretty good, right?"
  • "That all they had?"
  • "Nothing personal."
  • "Yeesh..."
  • *chuckles*
  • "Whew..."

Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "Can you leave a few left?"
  • "Now do the same to the next guy!"
  • "I love having you around!"
  • "Just wait! Next one's mine!" (Mae)

Nearby Ally Below Half Health Edit

Summary Screen Edit

  • "Whew! I was really sweating there for a moment..."
  • "I wish they all went this smooth!"
  • "We won, but... this hurts." (one or more allies defeated)
  • "Mae? Mae, this isn't funny!" (Mae defeated)

Death Edit

“Blast... Guess this is... as far as I go... Don't you dare give up, Celica...”
—Boey's Classic Mode Death Quote

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