• "I'm Boey, a mage. I usually try to avoid problematic situations. You called me here, so... so much for that."


  • "The Order of Heroes, a different world... This is like a dream, and it's more than I can fathom now."
  • "I've seen how hard you work. Be careful with that. Work too hard, and you'll wear yourself out. Then nothing will get done."
  • "When I need calm, I just go and look at the sea. But now that I'm here in this world, how do I even find it? Maybe you can take me."
  • "I'm a fisherman's son, from a little island called Novis. With two brothers, life wasn't easy for my family, so I ended up at the Priory."
  • "I was just reading my grimoire. If I don't keep my studies up, I'm going to hear it from Nomah."
  • "I'm bring greetings from Friend. That's all I got." (Greeting from friend)
  • "My family... Well, I'll be honest with you. We were as poor as poor gets, so off to the priory I went. They said I had a talent for magic. Don't get me wrong, I didn't suffer over it. But I did wonder... If I was born somewhere else, what would my life have been like? I gave up thinking about it. There's no point. But then I was summoned here—a world full of different people. Fighting alongside them has been great. And I have to thank you for that. We've been together for a long time now. You're not just someone I know. Now... I think of you more like... family." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info screenEdit

  • "I see how it's going to be."
  • "Looking for something?"
  • "Cut it out! What are we, kids?"
  • "Now that I think about it, spending time with you isn't so bad."
  • "*laughs*"
  • "Me and Mae? We're just stuck with each other. We've been together since we were kids."
  • "I wonder how everyone's doing back at home..."
  • "I do what needs to be done. That's all there is to it."


  • "Okay."
  • "Let's go."
  • "Hmm."

Level upEdit

  • "Nice! I can celebrate a little now, can't I?" (5-6 stats up)
  • "No better than adequate." (3-4 stats up)
  • "Need to try again... And study harder next time." (1-2 stats up)
  • "Knowing you believe in me makes me feel like I'll become even stronger." (New skill learned)


  • "It's over!"
  • "Sorry, friend."
  • "Have some of this!"
  • "Out of the way!"


  • "That... hurt.."