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“Dead warriors given free will by dark magic. They wield a variety of weapons.”
—In game description from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Bonewalkers (スケルトン Skeletons in the Japanese versions) are a monster class in Fire Emblem Gaiden, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. As the name suggests, they are basically walking skeletons, have a few ripped and tattered pieces of cloth draped across their skeletal bodies.

In TearRing Saga, Skeletons only wield Swords in combat and possess low stats. They can be summoned with the Skeleton Staff.

In The Sacred Stones, Bonewalkers are one of the most common and lowly classes of these monsters. They appear in the first chapter that include monsters at a relatively low level. They also have notably low stats. Like many of the monster classes, they make up for their fundamental weaknesses by coming in much larger numbers than most enemies. They often have very low Hit, which limits the amount of damage they do. They also have quite low strength, so even if they do hit they often end up doing little to no damage at all. Despite these weaknesses in fundamental areas, Bonewalkers have quite high Avoid, which allows them to evade an attack. They also have a relatively high critical hit for a monster class.

As the description suggests, the Bonewalkers can be found carrying a variety of weapons such as: Swords, Lances, and Bows. In the class roll for The Sacred Stones, only swords and lances are listed as usable weapons, even though bows can be used by bonewalkers in the game. Bonewalkers also commonly carry rare weapons they will drop. The Runesword, Lancereaver, Killing Edge, Spear and Axereaver are usually found from them.

The promoted version of the Bonewalker is the Wight. Wights wield all the same weapons and have the same general strengths and weaknesses, but have a better weapon level then them, along with increased health (a Bonewalker boss has equal health to a Wight, boss or not, unless the Wight is in Melaken Coast or Lagdou Ruins).



TS20502505-TS Sword 1
FE8 (sword/lance)204-23030Sword C Lance C
FE8 (bow)184-32030Bow C


TS60201517203020-TS Sword 16
FE86020-2020302020SwordA LanceA or BowA


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