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A Bow Bow (弓 Yumi) is one of the four physical weapon types in the Fire Emblem series. Characters who use the bow are usually high in Speed, Skill, and Luck, and they usually lack in Strength, Defense, and Constitution. The bow has neither positive nor negative qualities in the Weapon Triangle, but is effective when used against flying opponents. Bows come in many varieties, including Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Silver, and can be bought in Armories. Bows are used for fighting enemies that are 2 spaces away, However the Longbow can be used for enemies between 2 and 3 spaces away. An exception is the Double Bow, which is used to hit enemies 4 spaces away (Path of Radiance Only) or Close Range Combat (Radiant Dawn Only), and the Crossbow which can be used at close range and 2 spaces away. Another exception is the Marksman Class, which can fire 3 spaces away regardless of the bow being used (Radiant Dawn Only). They are far preferable to other ranged weapons, such as Javelins or Hand Axes that are inaccurate and deal little damage. Some bow-using classes can also use Ballistae for radically extended range and power. The Brave Bow allows up to 4 continuous attacks on an enemy if the speed of the character allows them to attack twice and the enemy can't retaliate if his equipped weapon is not ranged.

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