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Breath (ブレス Buresu) is a special type of weapon in the Fire Emblem series that is used by transformed dragon units. It exists outside of the weapon triangle, although some Breaths deal effective damage against certain classes.

Breaths function almost identically to the Dragonstone weapons, except that most of the time no stat bonuses are given since the user is already transformed when using the weapon. Also, in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, they all have a Range of 1~2 versus the Dragonstone's typical range of 1 and will negate any non-Manakete's Defense stat, making breath type weapons deadly in this game.

In Fire Emblem Awakening, the only class that can use Breaths is the enemy-only Grima class, and the only Breath in the game is the Grima-exclusive Expiration, which has a range of 1-5.

In Fire Emblem Fates, Lilith uses her special Astral Breath, which has a 1~5 attack range, in her special class, Astral Dragon.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Breath has a unique functionality based on the color system of the game. Breaths are divided into Red, Blue and Green types, even though all of which deal magical damage to the target and in some cases, a Breath can also belong to multiple types (such as Fire Breath, Lightning Breath).

Classes that use BreathsEdit

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