“As for what Breidablik shoots? It’s truly wonderful. It fires Heroes right out of it!”
Anna talking to Alfonse

Breidablik (ブレイザブリク Bureizaburiku) is a legendary relic that appears in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Breidablik is a legendary relic that has the power to summon Heroes from other worlds. Once sealed away in Vaskrheim, Anna summons the Summoner using the relic and hands it to them for safekeeping when they are attacked by Embla army. Much to the surprise of Anna, the relic resonates with the Summoner, allowing them to willingly summon heroes from another world. Anna entrusts them to use Breidablik for good.

The relic is a white and gold handgun-like object that "fires" heroes out from it. Orbs are used as ammunition, serving as the fuel to fire heroes from it.


In Norse mythology, Breidablik is the home of Baldr. It is said to be a heaven-like realm, where only the purest of souls may reside.