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Bride (花嫁 Hanayome) is a female-only class featured in Fire Emblem Awakening.


This class can only be accessed by using a Wedding Bouquet, a DLC item received from completing the Smash Brethren 2 DLC map. As the name suggests, this class wears a wedding dress. They fight with Lances, Bows, and Staves. It is the base class of DLC Eirika and is the female equivalent of the Dread Fighter.

The Bride class is treated as a base class in terms of its Experience Point gain calculation when fighting and defeating other units, despite the class having the stat caps of an advanced class. This enables a unit promoted to the Bride class to gain levels (and therefore stats) at a much faster rate than other advanced classes when fighting units of the same caliber, while allowing them to be on-par with advanced classes stat-wise.

Additionally, a unit promoted to the Bride class can only reclass into a base class at lower levels. However, like the VillagerManaketeTaguelLodestarConqueror, Dread Fighter, and Dancer classes, if a character is reclassed at level 30, then they can reclass to promoted classes as well as base classes.



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Growth ratesEdit


Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

In Project X Zone 2, as a part of Lucina's Right and Down attacks, she transforms into the Bride class for those attacks, wielding Gradivus and a Brave Bow for those attacks and using Astra for her Cross Special 2.


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