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FE13 Bride (Eirika)
The Einherjar version of Eirika as a Bride in Awakening.
First SeenFire Emblem: Awakening
Promotes From-
Promotes To-
Usable Weapon TypesLance, Bow, Staff
Class SkillsRally Heart, Bond

Bride (花嫁 Hanayome) is a new female-only class that features in Fire Emblem: Awakening and can only be obtained as downloadable content as a reward for completing Smash Brethren 2. As its name suggests, characters of the class wear a bride's wedding dress. DLC Eirika starts off in this class and any female character can access this class by using a Wedding Bouquet when they're Level 10 or over (or any Level, if in a promoted class). 

The Bride class is treated as a base class in terms of its Experience Point gain calculation when fighting and defeating other units, despite the class having the stat caps of an advanced class. This enables a unit promoted to the Bride class to gain levels (and therefore stats) at a much faster rate than other advanced classes when fighting units of the same caliber, while allowing them to be on-par with advanced classes stat-wise.

Additionally, a unit promoted to the Bride class can only reclass into a base class at lower levels. However, like the VillagerManaketeTaguelLodestarConqueror, Dread Fighter, and Dancer classes, if a character is reclassed at level 30, then they can reclass to promoted classes as well as base classes.

Maximum StatsEdit

  • HP: 80
  • Str: 40
  • Mag: 39
  • Skl: 42
  • Spd: 42
  • Luck: 45
  • Def: 41
  • Res: 40


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