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“Mighty Cadros, the first King of Valla, was a staunch friend to the dragon. I never knew him except through the songs and portraits. But you [Shigure] have much in common with him... both in appearance and power.”
Azura in Heirs of Fate 3

Cadros (Ryuurei in the Japanese Version) is a unseen character from Fire Emblem Fates. He was the first king of Valla. He is mentioned in the Heirs of Fate DLC. He could sing the 4th verse of Lost in Thoughts All Alone. His descendant Shigure is said to have a resemblance to him.


Cadros could come from Belatucadros, a god who was worshipped by people in Celtic northern Britain, and was identified with the god Mars in Roman mythology. Belatucadros means 'fair shining one' or 'fair slayer'. In Galician cadro can also mean 'painting'.

Ryuurei could potentially come from 龍 ("ryuu", meaning dragon) and 令 ("rei", meaning rule, order).

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