Boss FightEdit

Battle QuoteEdit

“Forgive me—it is not my wish to fight with you. I pray you'll bear me no grudge in turn.”
—Zeke's battle quote from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia if Tatiana has not been rescued

Defeated Edit

===== “Forgive me, Tatiana... Ah... Then you're... Good. That's...”
—Zeke's death quote from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia if Tatiana has not been rescued

Recruitment Conversations Edit

Zeke: We meet again, Alm.
Alm: General Ezekiel. Have you given any more consideration to what we spoke of before?
Zeke: ...... Now that I have turned my lance on Jerome, Rigel will not have me. But neither can I offer that lance to you. I still have no recollection of who I am or from whence I came.
Alm: You've lost your memory?
Zeke: I have. All I know is that I washed up on the shores of Rigel grievously wounded. I was thrown in prison and accused of being a spy or worse. But Emperor Rudolf saved me. He gave me a name and took me in. He raised me as a father would his own son. And yes. I may have betrayed him... But never would I help you do him harm.
Alm: I didn't know. I'm sorry. Forgive me for asking so much of you.
Zeke: You are not in the wrong. *gasp* Alm! By the gods!
Alm: Wh-what's wrong?
Zeke: Where did you get that mark on your left hand?
Alm: What, this? I don't know, actually. I've just always had it.
Zeke: Is that so? Some time ago. Emperor Rudolf gave me what I thought was odd advice. He said that if I met a men with a mark on his left hand. I was to follow him. "For that man is chosen." he said. "He shall save all of Rigel." "And with it, all of Valentia."
Alm: That's... very strange.
Zeke: I agree. But now that I have met you. I must heed my emperor's words. I am yours to command, my lord.”
—Zeke's recruitment conversation

Level Up Edit

  • "These last battles have made me stronger."
  • "Our enemies have become predictable."
  • "I never thought I would feel divine protection."
  • "...Hm? No. I'm imagining things." (+1 stat)
  • "I wager this is proof I have trained well." (Near stat capping)

Class Change Edit

  • "Is this what I was destined for?"

Battle Quotes Edit

First Turn Selection Edit
  • "Yes. Allow me!"
Enemy Dodges Edit
Enemy does One or No Damage Edit
  • "You are far too easy to read."
  • "You dance with danger."
Being Healed Edit
  • "I owe you a debt."
Used Healing Item Edit
Critical Hit Edit
  • "Any last words?"
  • "Die, villain!"
  • "Consider this a mercy!"
  • "This ends here and now!"
Finishing Blow Edit
  • "I have you!"
  • "Yield!"
Enemy Defeated Edit
  • "I will not be kept from my duty!"
  • "Fate is cruel."
  • "I cannot fall here."
  • "A pedestrian effort."
  • "Forgive me."
Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy Edit
  • "You have skill I see!"
  • "Now it's my turn!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Impressive."
  • "You are my shining sun." (Tatiana)
  • "You are my pride and joy." (Tatiana)
  • "There for me, like always." (Tatiana)
  • "You're just full of surprises." (Tatiana)
  • "I no longer feel needed!" (Tatiana)
Nearby Ally Below Half Health Edit

Summary Screen Edit

  • "Death hurts, no matter how oft one sees it." (an ally dies)
  • "Tatiana... the last light in my life, extinguished..." (Tatiana dies)
  • "Exhilarating isn't it."

Death/Retreat Quotes Edit

“Farewell, Tatiana... ...Who's there? I know your face... Ah... It's you...”
—Zeke's death quote from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

“Rngh... Blast! I fear I cannot die until I know the emperor's wishes will be fulfilled. I must retreat for now.”
—Zeke's retreat quote from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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