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Canaan is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is one of the four most prominent kingdoms on the continent of Lieberia, situated in the rocky lands in the northeast. Alongside the neighboring land of Barge and the dukedom of Sofia, it is populated by the descendants of the Zoans. For many years, it maintained a peaceful relationship with the other kingdoms. However, twenty years prior to the storyline, the Gerxel Church threatened the well-being of the continent and Canaan's King Bahanuke declared war against them. However, two years before the game's events, Bahanuke signed a peace treaty with the Gerxel Church and declared the restoration of the Zoa Empire. Around this time, it invaded Barge and Sofia to unite them with it and the Gerxel Church into the Empire. Canaan also invaded Reeve, and after the Tragedy of Nolzeria, the continent fell under the control of the Zoa Empire.

Notable Characters from CanaanEdit

  • Bahanuke - The king of Canaan
  • Arless - The eldest son of Bahanuke
  • Barker - The second son of Bahanuke
  • Julius - The youngest son of Bahanuke
  • Reshe - The daughter of Bahanuke who was adopted by Sofia
  • Sennet - The son of Arless and Serene
  • Neyfa - The daughter of Arless and Serene
  • Estofarne - The daughter of Barker
  • Eisenbaha - A former bishop of the Temple of Wind
  • Sylpheeze - One of the daughters of Eisenbaha
  • Serene - One of the daughters of Eisenbaha
  • Barbaross - A general known as the Shield of Canaan
  • Ernst - A general known as the Sword of Canaan
  • Silva - The former leader of the Black Knights
  • Theodora - A trusted subordinate of Julius hailing from Sofia
  • Shion - The younger brother of Theodora
  • Chamos - An honorable general of Canaan


Canaan was a region in the Bible where the Israelites moved to after being freed from Egypt by Moses and God.

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