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Presentation of Carcino in the prologue

Carcino (カルチノ Karukino) is a nation in the game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The mercantile republic of Carcino is governed by a council of elders, and, unlike the other nations of Magvel, is more of a democracy (allowing anyone of an ungiven age a part in rulership) than a monarchy or theocracy. The game even refers to the nation as a republic. During Grado's quest to destroy The Sacred Stones, one of Carcino's senators, Pablo, decides to aid Grado and hires mercenary armies to hunt down Eirika and her companions.

Characters from CarcinoEdit


Carcino is the only nation on Magvel that does not house a Sacred Stone.


The area seems like a recreation of medieval Italy, with its emphasis on trade and its Roman-esque forms of government. The ending 'ino' or simply 'o' evokes Italian to most Western readers, but it's also interesting to remark that 'Carcino' bears a strong resemblance to the word 'carcinogen,' which means 'a substance that causes cancer.' Mercantile townships which evolved outside of feudal control in the Late Middle Ages, of which Carcino is a very concentrated emulation, were certainly viewed as a sort of carcinogen, or corruption of feudalism, to disgruntled nobles.

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