Cassita (カシータ Kashiita in the Japanese version) is a non-playable character in Fire Emblem Fates.


Cassita appears in Chapter 22 of Birthright. Previously the nanny to Elise and a servant of both of the Nohrian queens, Katerina and Arete, Cassita has taken up residence in the tunnels underneath Windmire when she is visited by the Avatar and their army. After the Avatar left Nohr, Elise began visiting Cassita more often and began selling flowers in the underground marketplace to help support her beloved nanny. Cassita brews tea for Elise, her older sibling, and the rest of the army as they briefly take shelter in her home, as well as supplying information on Katerina and Arete and revealing to Elise that Azura is also her sister. However, when she offers to bring out the cookies, the Avatar announces that they must be leaving. Cassita bids them farewell as they continue their quest to Castle Krakenburg.


A casita is a small house or building, usually a log house.

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