“Grust would harry the League no more. Marth led his forces on to Macedon. However, Macedon's Dragoons were ready to waylay them at the border; countless reinforcements hovered within the fortresses, waiting to strike... Would Marth be able to lead the League safely through the gauntlet?”
—Opening Narration

Clash in Macedon (Clash in Medon in the Europe version) is Chapter 21 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

This chapter was cut from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. It is filled with powerful enemies. At first 3 generals and a sniper, and right near the boss, 5 paladins and 2 mages.


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of LightEdit


Items Price
Iron Sword 320
Steel Sword 500
Armorslayer 760
Rapier 900
Killing Edge 1250
Levin Sword 1600
Silver Sword 2000


Items Price
Vulnerary 600
Mend 1200
Recover 1550
Blizzard 700
Elfire 1250
Bolganone 1600

Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonEdit

Secret ShopEdit


There is a secret shop located in the mountain terrain on the far right side. In the mountains is a lone "plain" terrain tile which leads you to the secret shop if the character is holding a VIP card (Member Card) in their inventory. It is recommended to make the character with the VIP card also hold the Silver Card so the prices of the items sold in the secret shop are halved.

Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no TsurugiEdit

Items Price
Power Ring 2550 G
Speed Ring 2550 G
Secret Book 2550 G
Goddess Statue 2550 G

Fire Emblem: Shadow DragonEdit

Items Price
Energy Drop x3 2,500g
Spirit Dust x3 2,500g
Secret Book x3 2,500g
Speedwing x3 2,500g
Goddess Icon x3 2,500g

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit


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